TY3 and Despicable me

I don’t know if this has been discussed already, but I wanted to drop my 2 cents here.
First of all as a side note, I haven’t seen Shrek 4 and I’m not really intended to. Shrek went sour from the second installment on. Anyway, with that out of the way I have this to say about Toy Story 3 and Despicable.

I find both very memorable movies.

Toy Story 3:
The last couple of years I’ve lost a lot a love for Pixar. I never knew what people saw in Ratatouille and Wall-e for example. Pixar became predictable in my view and Up really ticked me off.
For Toy Story 3 I had little expectation… the second installment (although entertaining) felt a bit forced. Maybe it was in part because Disney wanted to produce a direct to video version. And history tend to repeat itself. Disney was was working on its 3rd sequel and Pixar manage to kill it just on time and they started their own Toy Story 3.
The big trap sequels is that they kill the magic of the original classic when they start regurgitating stuff from the former (like Anikin Skywalker saying Luke’s lines from time to time…just cheesy).
To my surprise Toy Story is very original and emotional laden. The first scene already is a revelation. At last we are experiencing what the toys see when they are played with and in that I can certainly understand why Woody was so jealous in the first Toy Story. It has a feeling of lingering tragedy like a lot of Toys that didn’t survive, the family dog a few years away from death, but he’s cheerful nonetheless. Andy’s mother is a single parent… there are some questions about why the father isn’t around in TY1 especially because he has a 3 month old daughter. Any it won’t take long and mom has a empty nest. So the story telling is that everything is gonna wind down. The toys have a kick ass one last adventure and they are confronted to what they feared worst. For me this is the best Pixar movie since the Incredibles.

I have less words to describe DM. You can feel that the people behind had fun making it. I put it in the same category as Surf’s Up, bla bla Meatballs and Kung Fu Panda. A solid piece of entertainment, easy to digest with just the right amount of emotional pull. We all felt a few years back that CG animation was about to die out. To many CG movies came out and they were all pure crap. They rolled purely on the fact that people would see anything computer generated. Well, it’s not the eighties anymore and whether people just don’t care about the technology anymore. Luckily the studios are seeing it too.

Personally, i loved Wall-e, Ratatouille, and Up.

Yeh I felt like CG movies were a fad back in those days, something soon to be over, but luckily they havent died out! I used to worry about it because it was one of the directions I once thought I might head in.

And I see the same thing happening for 3D movies etc at the moment, a lot of critics say its a fad and that its restrictive to the directors. Rubbish. There are a lot of shit 3D movies coming out right now, yes, but like with the CGI ones back a decade or so ago, people will go see any of them just because it is in 3D. And who could blame them? Its interesting, its cool, and its new. But I forsee 3D calming down as well, and I dont mean to say that all movies will be in 3D, but once the 3D ‘craze’ calms down we should see some more quality movies that dont just focus on a new kind of ‘cool effect’.

As for T3 I did enjoy it as well, the first was of course a classic, the 2nd was a non-event and I think the 3rd did the first one justice and finished them all up nicely. And it was a lot more emotional than I expected.

I haven’t seen Despicable Me yet, but I might have to soon, everyone only says good things about it.

And Wall-E was definitely not a disappointing movie.