tyFlow procedural animation system

Found this online

This is sick, hope everything nodes is heading to this direction :star_struck:



I would love to see those car crashes in blender… Would be fun and way easier for vfx…


Some very nice visuals there. While I also have high hopes for the planed node system this looks pretty advanced and I dare to say that the first implementation in Blender probably won’t be that sophisticated.

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I agree with you, but i also think that in maybe 2 years a lot of this will be possible.

Oh, I think it can happen a lot sooner than that. After all, all of Python is available in the Blender environment and is fully integrated with it, and “Python goes on forever” if you want it to. We’re not lacking in the necessary computational resources, or methods, to do something now.

So, it will simply be a matter of observing what these guys are doing (without interfering in their surely patented algorithms), and then beat them at their own game. :smiley: “It’s all just computer programming,” after all.


But we need the right guy or girl to do the job…

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