Tyler - lowpoly game character

I wanted to show you my newest work in progress.

a game character, his name is Tyler. It’s my first low poly character and i’m still learning how to use textures etc

Here’s my start (i haven’t done a good shirt, arm, neck and shoe texture yet) and i’m still not finished with the jeans.

My Goal is to finish him with 6000-7000 polygons (tris).
internal view:

render view:

Faces at the moment: 2056
Tris at the moment: 4014

his hair:

good looking game character.


I finished the jeans -next the shirt

first start of the shirt

i added a normal map to the jeans

Looks great! The jeans look awesomely realistic, remind me of something from Skate It :slight_smile:

Looks good. The jeans are really realistic and remind me of jeans from Skate It… :slight_smile:

current state of the model … still a lot to do

Nice modeling. One thing, it appears that the normal map on the jeans is actually working in the wrong direction - the buttons and seams appear to be going into the mesh. It could also be a trick of the light.

Good job though!

Yes it was wrong i already changed it for the 360° View ^^" I forgot to invert it (I was using the Nvidia Plugin for PS).

Thanks you two for the comments.

Skate it

Is it something like Tony Hawk’s pro skater?

Ok next his utility belt :slight_smile:

ok first i started with the arm texture ^^ (only on side done)

How did you do the jeans? Is that a photo you mapped to the mesh, or did you create it yourself with a 2d program?

I bet its a photo :smiley:

It’s both. Used a photo and then made lot of parts different, to optimize it for my style (set new seams, change bags, belt region etc… or set seams that are not perfect on the photo) … then i painted some light etc on the texture … round about 8 hours work
But the shirt is all painted on Photoshop :wink: (but needs more work but now i’ll finish the arms first).

PS: My poor boyfriend is my texture model …

finished the arms :slight_smile:

How did you do the hair? Are they just polygons with alpha textures on them? If so, what kinds of maps do you have on it?

Yes just 484 Faces with a alpha hair texture.

I rendered it with this plugin (but used my own hair particles to get a better style):

i worked on the T-shirt and added a normal map to the arms and hands

That’s a really nice texture job, though his fingers look a little red, almost as if they’re a bit bloody, but other than that, I think it’s a great effort.

Thanks ^^
I changed a the color a bit, but it should be darker (used hands look).
and i added the normal map to the face.

Next: neck and shoes textue

i postponed the belt because i don’t have a idea how it should look like