Type of Material for knight

(darkstar1) #1

What kind of texture or material setup to get a nice look on my knight’s armor? Should I use reflections or is there an easier way?

(muteinvert) #2

a reflection won’t look good, unless you’re making a really shiny armor.
i recomend you use a texture gradient(the blend procedural) and set it as refl with col .75, and a clouds procdeural with noise depth 1 for the nor(1.0). set the spec on 0.75, with the color .5, .5, .5, and the hardness on 75, and the Ref on .8. Leave the color at default(.8,.8,.8).This makes a fairly decent looking metal texture. You might want to tweak the nor value for the clouds a bit, since it depends on the size of the object you’re using it on.