Type of people

I notice different type of people, one of them that stands out is the snake and eggs, these are the screw you type of people and are the ones that demand respect. They don’t choose man or women individually, if anything they are like the Madonna type. I can’t relate to these people because they have a screw yourself ambition. Put out but never take in sort of mentality.

The other ones are the victor types, not sure about these, they are found on shows like “Shake it up” or “Victoria” (Don’t care for them either) sort of remind me of the Cosby Show.

Next are players that see life as a game.

Next are the so called must educate you type of people

Then there are those that seem wise yet dark, they have a blackness in there eyes.

Other one I notice are the google eyes that open there eye lid wide whenever they want a better look.

Anyone can fill me in on the others

Yeah sure, I guess I’d be the “Next are the so called must educate you type of people,” though, lol, that’s not how negatively I’d caste any of them, certain color coded personality tests (the ones marketers and sales people use to tag their clients with in order to sell to them) tag me as being dominant green followed by blue.

There’s actually a lot of research into dominant human traits and depending on what way you look at it you can come to different variations and conclusions. Look up HEXACO on google for one of the most popular examples which also has some empirical data behind it.

Basically it says there are six major dimensions to personality:

Agreeableness (versus Anger)
Openness to Experience

Never had that much time to look into it myself, so, have fun, I only remember it from a psychology class I took. Hope it helps.

Yea, that helps, thanks.

You mean ‘their’, right?

Sorry…for some reason I felt an irrepressible urge to educate you :stuck_out_tongue:

There is so much to learn. Just so much. And then to understand. That is another story. When I understand, I will teach. But the mountain is too high. Much too high to. The path is long, but I have taken the first step.