Type/Variant House


This is an endless project I started about 3 years ago, I put my hands on it from time to time but couldn’t consider it as finished, I thought it was time to close this personal project, well hope so.

It is based on the Type/Variant House (Vincent James Associates Architects), well globally the plan and volumes should be more or less ok, though I took some liberty on the materials and the furniture.

I produced a lot of images and probably too many to post them at once, so here are some of them and you could view the complete set here : https://www.myline.be/index.php/category/49-type-variant-house

As usual, I used Blender to model the whole scene except the bed (made with MD), the cars (free models) and some of the soil plants grabbed among the grass essential collection provided by Andrew Price.

I used Octane to cook the images with the Direct Lighting AO or Diffuse and the Path tracing kernels depending on the context.
The scene is lit with sunlight and hdr.
Postproduction : Gimp, mainly to fix colors and lighting.
















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Hey, Enrico! Absolutly awesome project! You are the best in ArchViz Production and we must learn a lot of from your skills. It seems like complement, but it is definetly true. I imagine how you get this kind of realistic results. All assets are really great and made with carefuly and with accurate. Top stars from me;)!Regards,Odilkhan Yakubov

Did it really take you just three years? :wink:
These pictures are totally amazing. The lightning, the composition, the details and the whole… my jaw is on the floor right now, I’ll better pick it up.
I’ll just think think that you used some dark magic.

This is amazing… Even I fear gives to comment, congrats and five stars!

Absolutely amazing! Bravo!

impressive! amazing realism you pull through!
your archviz gallery is amazing.

:eek: Just amazing!

Hey, looks nice! May I ask where you get the birch tree model from? I’m working on a scandinavian scene and it would help me a lot if I could get it :slight_smile:

Outstanding as usual.
this is just fantastic and I can’t even imagine the work engaged here.

Do you do this as a hobby or as a full time job?