Types of Mapping

Hi, Im not exactly new to blender but some areas are still abit of a blur to me.

TO THE POINT ----> I have no idea about mapping whatsoever

I remember looking on the luxrender forum at a wallpaper and I saw the word"Microsubdivision" and I had no idea what this was and I assumed it was something to do mapping as they where tlking about mapping

so anyway, what is normal maps/bake maps/etc/ALL THE TYPE OF MAPS U CAN THINK off and how can I use them?

I’ve use a displacement map(I think) before and I understand the point of that if that helps anyone to explain the use of the other maps to me

Diffuse - Color without highlights or shadows.
Normal - Fake geometry essentially. A normal map defines high and low areas on an object.
AO - Ambient occlusion. Darkens corners, cracks and areas where geometry intersects.
Specular - Defines shiny and dull areas on a model. Black and white, white being very shiny, black being very dull.
Emit - Defines areas of a model which emit light. Used with the emit slider.
Reflection - As the name suggests, this type of map is often used to fake reflections in games.
Shadow - Used when shadows are baked.
Light - Used when lighting is baked.
Displacement or Bump - Used with the displacement modifier. Displaces geometry based on black and white values in an image.

Those are some of the basics. You can map most anything you like.

Watch the video

They all apply to UV texture map of an object. That is, the image you apply to the poly surface using UV coordinate system.

Defuse map is the color that is on the object. It is the 2D image on the surface. It can include rusty spots, cracks, scratches and so on.

Normal map can fake how light bounce back from flat poly surface. This gives impression of a volume, roundness, small protrusion, or rough spots. With it low poly character is made to look rounded.

Specular map has to do with providing rage of shininess on a single object. Gun barrel made of metal shins differently from wooden handle.

The term Baking is used for process of generating UV image. You bake image on to UV map. Defuse map incorporates baked AO map. Normal map is baked to UV map and so on.

Can i do so that black parts wil delete and you can only see thro the holes ? like this

That’s an image with an alpha channel.

and how can i make that ? i have photoshop :smiley:

What I would do is look up (google) how to make all these types of maps, since there are a lot of resources out there that will guide you through the process better than asking one question per day and waiting for a response. Don’t be afraid to look at references outside of Blender for some help. Mappings pretty much follow the same principals from one to the other. Types of maps include (which 3dmedieval had mentioned before).

Luminosity (emit)
Ambient Occlusion (usually generated from a render)

And maybe a couple more that I have forgotten, but that can all be used together in a layered and/or nodal combination to achieve a desired result.

Color uses color information
Normal uses a bit of a strange color combination to define influence
And most of the others use Gray-scale information to define the influence of the map on the surface.

And resolution of the maps can be dependent on the application or intended use.

Bottom line, you really have to get down and study, and many concepts are easy to grasp and can be applied to something else, it’s the work and the application that can be a little cumbersome at times.