Typevariant House, autumnal & winter theme


(enricoceric) #1

Hi there,
Here are some shots of a project I revisit from time to time, for this one I went for autumnal and winter themes.

Modeled with Blender as usual
Rendered with Octane Standalone 4.0 RC7
PT Kernel
Renderd time around 30 min to 1h30 depending on view angle, winter shots took longer.


:scream::scream::scream: Amizing job. I’m a begginer. Just 1 week of blender knowledge kkkkkk. it’s inspiring to see works like this. :purple_heart::purple_heart::purple_heart:

(Werlang) #3

Pretty cool! Excellent attention to the details.

(Bart Veldhuizen) #4

You’re #featured!

PS: I copied one of the snow pictures to the top as I felt that image worked better as a thumbnail. Hope that’s ok!

(enricoceric) #5

Thanks Bart and that’s fine for me, I think indeed it’s more representative of the upcoming weather :wink:

(MatViz) #6

Fantastic renderings. I love the first one!

(Member) #7

Very very nice work you have done keep this up…

(RobertN64) #8

How did you do the snow on the bushes, did you model it or was it procedural?

(enricoceric) #9

I set a particle system on the leaves and used a metaball as emitting object, what is nice with metaball is that once scattered with the particle system they are combined, I just converted the particle modifier in real objects and convert the result in a mesh :wink:

(trevorcurtis) #10

Amazing renders!


You are amazing, would be nice if you render one in cycles for comparison?

(cekuhnen) #12

killer work for real!

(GarageFarm.NET) #13

This is good.
I am just watching and watching.

Love the mood.

One thing made me wonder - the darkened line through the middlle of the wood in the interiro - what is it? a shadow or a color change in wood ?

Keep posting this kind of work.
Eyecandy :slight_smile:

Jarek D (DJ)

(Still242) #14

What? :open_mouth: :open_mouth: :open_mouth:

(enricoceric) #15

Oups, indeed this one was the wrong version, I re-rendered it in the meanwhile and forgot to upload it. It’s fixed. Thanks for pointing it :wink:

(charles brain) #16

great. i wish i can get the tutorial. i love the renders

(cgstrive) #17

Amazing work, as always!

Can you elaborate on the export process? Do you use .obj or alembic(had some issues with it)? With single threaded .obj export seems it might take a while for big scenes. What about the camera? is it synced with Blender?(perhaps through .abc).

Would also be very nice if you’d show a screenshot of Blender and Octane for overview.


(SunBurn) #18

Imagery of Admirable quality !
What a mood!

(xumu) #19

incredible work, masterpiece of art, everything is arranged perfectly with great esthetics.

May I ask you how did you model the bed and the pillows? clothsimulator and sculpting? or it’s a pre-made model imported from other software? I have to model a lot of furnitures in my work, and I just found the clothsimulator in blender worked not very well, I’m really curious about your technic for modelling that.

And Could I ask you another question that where did you get the trainning for your Blender skills? I never even noticed that there was something called metaball in Blender before… I am looking for some paid courses online, those free tutorials seem not very systematic and effective.

(Tom Taylor) #20

If you are looking to create snow on objects I’ve actually used an add on called 3DM Snow recently and it has so far given me really great results.