Typhoon Tempest Texturing atempt

I’m traying to make Bump maps on my tempest with gimp. But it looks i got a problem. I just cant make my lines wit good resolution. There is always some smudging. and bump maps of course look horrible. Is it someone expirience with gimp. I’m drowing in 4000 x 4000 resolution but litle tes I did it stile looks horrible.



Are you using a one(1) pixel brush size? I use a single pixel brush size for 4000x4000 texture maps when doing panel lines. I use Photoshop though, where i use the pen tool then stroke it using the pencil tool. I think gimp is pretty much the same. Maybe check anti-aliasing for your brush too. I know Yafaray renders better bump maps then BI, maybe another option for you.

EDIT: Also, before you start drawing your panels, start with a greyscale background colour set to 128.

I checked eweryting. Antialiasing is on. But I don’t know hot to set greyscale to 128. It is still screwed up.