I may be re-living my childhood - I remember building an Airfix version of this back in the 60s


Great job on this and Likewise… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Although I hark back too the mid 70s, when recollecting putting together my 1/32 Hawker Hurricane kit which I think if memory serves, was by Revell.

Side Note:
Love the “Tiffy” plus it’s subsequent upgrade Tempest, both could unleash a storm of ordinance in their unrivaled ground attack role, equivalent too that of a 6" gunned naval Cruiser’s broadside.

I’m old enough to have known guys who flew these

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Nice going on the Typhoon, its a beast of an aircraft.

Couple of things you could do to improve it.
The underside should be light grey. The green you have there at the moment is too light and too much yellow in it. Here is a link to the correct camouflage colours