Typical Blnder Head

Okay starting my own game, sounds like a typical blender head …
okay i have a lot of planning to do and this is the start main characters…
these were drawn between the age of 13-17 haha so 2004-08 yeah anyway
rpg …I am aiming more likely toward final fantasy low polys and well artistic
textures, that’s where i get stuck i need a good flow technique in depth about
baking !!!So help me out!thank you:) :slight_smile:

please give me some insight into uv mapping have the basic idea of blender well above basic i just want to know the professional way

8:58, I havent yet modeled these guys and girls but will get to it tonight!

Do you have any more info such as the story, or what the world will look like?

Yes but that’s all 173 pages long haha with out sketches, my art stays mainly private until it is all connected up just these three are fine to show saving the rest for my other ideas …Yes its
all in my head not much use but it is for me when i want to draw more from it anyhow i am off…
Will upload some more sketches when i decide to okay …CHOW!

Update time so my computer just reformatted itself and now i’ll be upgrading a few things and cleaning the system a bit before i continue with my modeling.THANKS

I’d be interested to see how you go about modelling the characters in the scans, with all the hair and cords and all that.

Very good drawings, I can’t imagine how it will only look like models.
Can’t wait to see the models.