Typically Mediterranean

I´m working an the moment on a VR Kitchen scene and I need some object for this. So I decided to create some objects which you can find in a lot of kitchens.
I hope you like the scene.
Btw, the wood textures are from the Blender Cloud Library.

I rlly like that render, great job!

Everything look great the surface of the oil container is very realistic

Very impressive… The oil material is extremely well executed, and the olives look stunning too!

Great work, I really like it.

Could you tell how you achieved this kind of bokeh? I guess you used some mesh objects with a emission shader on them, but how did you achieve the variation in the colors?

Thanks a lot!

Wow, looks really good. The olive oil container especially. Can’t help but think some of the top edges could be a little smoother though, then everything would look really realistic.

Wow! Eye pleasing composition.
Good still life. No superfluous details.

The shaders look perfect.

The parts look excellent yes, but composition-wise I keep find my eye being drawn to the empty space along the left.

Hey, thanks.
I´m using a HDRi for lighting and a strong death of field. The color are in the HDRI. It´s a forest where the light shines through (that are the lighter spots).

Hey thank you all for the positive response.
For my, the scene was very simple to do. The oil was very very simple (watch the screenshot) :smiley:


Thank you for the help. I will try this out. :slight_smile: