Typing Expression as Transform Driver - i.e. auto-rotation

Watching a masterxeon1001 youtube tutorial, he automates a rotation but his screen resolution is absurdly detailed I can’t see it - he says (paraphrasing) “type hashtag frame times zero point zero five” The result is a fixed spin like a turn table.

I can’t figure out what he typed! Was it similar to: #frame*0.05
Because that doesn’t do anything for me but the block turns purple.

The title of this question wasn’t clear so I’m going to edit that - it would have been better if I knew the terminology! And learning the terminology solved this.

The Transform panel that appears when you press “N” can be typed into. Case in point, the Rotation Z can receive
#frame * 0.05
and that fixes a rotation throughout the animation as a constant. It turns purple because it’s associated with a driver. That typing is the Expression. So, the Expression sets up a Transform Driver without ever leaving the cozy Default view.

IT WON’T WORK BY DEFAULT. A change to Ignore the default restrictions only appears the FIRST time you try it. Click Ignore.
Then in Preferences > Files > check Auto Run Python Scripts

Your expression should then work.

2.76 Manual for more.