Typing only job?

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone knows of any legitimate sites that offer typing only jobs. Kind of jobs that requires you to only type in electronic doc file what you see on given scanned files from your employer. Is there a site for those sort of things, what’s the pay, and how much revenue could one hope to earn per month?

I would be really happy if the moderators would delete this thread.

Was wondering the same thing. With automated forms and tablets in a lot of places, its’ kind of hard to find a data-entry role. And text-to-speech has hurt a lot of the transcription jobs. I wouldn’t mind doing customer support via text chat, but damn if you can specify for that. (I tried doing a customer support job once, but since I’m hearing impaired I’m not exactly cut out for it. Just annoying for both ends of the line.)

So you’re not alone in wondering this, even if you want the mods to cancel this topic.

Well, I have no problem with moderators removing this topic since I’ve actually done some research and applied on few places that pay for transcribing video and audio files. I must say that it definitely is a dying field and that it’s really hard to get that kind of a job. I’ve applied to rev and they’ve rejected me, the reason for that as they’ve stated is that only 12% of applicant’s pass the test, but after researching on reddit, I’ve deduced that they only randomly select 12% of people and it has barely nothing to do how you pass the test. In fact, the worse you pass the test the better, since then they have an incentive or a valid reason to pay you less than they actually have to.

I’ve seen a lot of jobs like that but the pay is really low that won’t be worth your time. There are also captcha jobs online that pay cents