Typing trainer

Hello again,

I got a little prototype to share. Just type, text will come up on screen in random colors :slight_smile:

Some iteration went into the detail, that the whole keyboard is supported. I played around with the BGE.events, but it seems not all of the keyboard characters can be catched there. So I just dump the text into a variable and create a new text object which only includes the last typed character. The color of each character is randomly chosen.

Here is the blend: BGE_Text_type_v1p1.blend (553.1 KB)

It includes a typing sound from Feslyianstudios

Feel free to suggest features. I was thinking of some kind of rewarding system for correct characters, words or full sentences which are shown onscreen.



Wow that amazing


What has changed?

  • Background image from NASA
  • Background element (rotating sun)
  • Winning criteria: If you type the shown text, the rocket takes off.
  • linked rocket animation (via libload)

If you want to change the target text (above: ABCDE), just change the text element in (non BGE) Editor in Edit mode. You need two *.blends, both in same folder:

BGE_Text_type_v2p0.blend (1.6 MB)
BGE_rocket.blend (1.8 MB)

Credits: The initial rocket modell is made by Luis, I just threw a decimate and edge split modifier ad it and gave it some colors.


coolest thing ever :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

@AeroLynx nice set-up.
Have you thought of using BLF text instead of a text object?
That way, not only can you get random object colors, you can also get random text-outline colors which would be super eye candy O_O

Hi @RandomPerson,

Thanks! I have been looking into BLF at one day in the past, but to be honest: I don’t see the need to mess around with the low level stuff there. But if you have a nice example of the random text-outline, feel free to dump it here - I’ll certainly check it out.

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Update 3 - VIDEO [*]:

What has changed?

  • A help menu is available (F1)
  • The target text can be changed in-game (F2)
  • With F3, only capital letters are spit out (no need to press shift)
  • Some visual updates (stars & sun)
  • Rocket now longer onscreen during animation
  • Next letter is shown in center of screen
  • If you have won or made a typo, it will reset to first character
  • Applause for winners (from here) !
  • Some bug fixes related to non-printable characters.
  • Performance adjustments for really crappy hardware (no motion blur)

Most of the points mentioned are visible in the short clip above.

You need these two side-by-side:
BGE_Text_type_v3p0.blend (1.8 MB)
BGE_rocket.blend (1.8 MB)


[*] Similar to pther posts, I try to keep the videos under 5 MB for direct upload to BA, they are a bit short and of lower resolution.

Update 4 with some little functional additions:

What has changed?

  • By default, a textfile “typetrainer.txt” is now used for reference texts
  • Each line is a new reference text
  • Once one line is done, next one will be taken
  • This FileMode can be toggled with [F4]
  • Update of help text
  • Rocket has exhaust animation
  • There is a counter of correct reference texts as well
  • A timer for overall play time was added
  • Correct typed characters are now shown in green
  • Incorrect type characters are now shown in red

This time, I put the three files (main one, rocket.blend & typetrainer.txt) in a *.zip:
BGE_Type_Trainer_4p0.zip (2.2 MB)

It’s build with 2.79b BGE


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