Typists' office

Good day! Here’s my latest project - I like typewriters.

More here:


I love old typewriters too! Beautiful work!

Brilliant attention to detail. Was this all achieved within Blender or did you use other software? I would love to be able to do the volumetric light with dust, also the cobwebs, and of course the level of grunge and wear on the woods is great. Did you use substance designer or anything?

Really beautiful rendering !

I’m curious thought, why the paper in the second picture show line from top to bottom, instead of right/left ?

The typewriter itself was modeled in Maya for practice, other props, compositing & lighting was done in Blender, rendered in Cycles. I used a cube with a volume scatter shader to thicken up the air and added dust particles and cobwebs in Photoshop, using the color dodge blending mode. All texturing was done in Substance painter :blush:

Cheers! I noticed the sideways text after rendering at was too lazy to render a new one/fix it in post :smiley:

nice work !!!

I really like this. I am trying to do something similar but I don’t want volumetric dust - just thick dust, fluff etc on the surfaces. I’d be grateful for any suggestions on how to do about this. Particle systems?

You’re #featured! :+1:

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Very good project!

It looks like something that belongs in an old world, the look, feel. Something about these designs and the dust just makes the image feel say to stare at. Impressive strong lighting and materials.