I guess if you want to launch your website from your own PC then you need something like Microsoft Server 2003? Is that what this does?

Is Typo3 the same kind of thing?

Thanks, LC

Not quite.

Typo3 is a CMS, or content management system. It runs on top of a scripting language, a database and some web server software, like Apache, IIS or the like. This all runs on top of an OS, like Linux, FreeBSD or Windows.

What exactly are you trying to do though? Typo3 is really only suitable for corporations or communities that need some serious contant management. You’re probably better off with something like Wordpress or Drupal, but even that’s over kill.

Most of all you’ll want to learn XHTML (the basic information in a webpage) and CSS (instructions for laying everything out and making it look pretty), then PHP (server-side scripting language, most CMS systems are built around this).

are you asking to run your own site from your own computer

if so i have done that befor

and heres how in a nutshell
1 your internet connetion
this only works with always online connections like cable or dsl

2 you web server
i have used abyss its lite free and pretty easy to use for windows only i think but im not to sure

3 php and mysql
you can get thies to use for your web server there a bit harder to get but still free

4 an address usualy somthing like no-ip.com will have you setup with an address like yourname.no-ip.org or the like

You can install the apache server onto windows, so it runs in the background just the same as your anti virus program.

You probably need (as a minimum): Apache, PHP, MySQL.

Xampp is an installer that does it all for you:

Actually, I came across it because I ally right clicked on blender.org and opened the page source. I saw it listed in a comment block. :smiley:

Interesting stuff, thanks for the info though! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wasn’t that random?:smiley:

I like Drupal, it doesn’t require you to know php at all.
But it’s always practical. If you use it, start with the basic package first.
the best way of knowing what it’s all about is by designing your first webpage yourself, and through the design really keeping your data, code and interface completely apart from each other.
Learn the basics of html, css and php.
For security reasons, don’t host a website on your computer.
use apache or IIS for local testing only.