Typography 1

Final renders of my first typography ‘series’…Let the feedback start rollin’

wow… there is only one thing that i can find wrong: the chains are square, implying that this is on a very small scale (which i think is not what you were going for). big chains are ususally cylindrical. only other thing is that the chain coming of the S seems a bit lat and un-droopy.
but the font, the material, the light… everything is perfect except for the chains! wow :D!

Thanks for the feedback f3l1x…I didn’t know big chains are usually cylindrical,but i do now.I positioned the chain piece by piece,that’s what made it appear un-droopy(no physics or anything),although i was aiming to illustrate that it was taut.

heres an example of some reasonable anchor chain (that usually goes on boats):

btw, sorry its .jpeg… because you are a .png fan :>