Tyrannosaurus model (Rigged and Posed)


http://fc00.deviantart.com/fs47/f/2009/201/d/a/UV_by_GBbofh.jpg - UV Map does it look okay?

WIP Tyrannosaurus for the game engine, it is currently running at 60 FPS on my machine,

As you can see I am in the process of rigging it, and I will probably animate one version for the game engine, after I optimize the model, and one version for animation. Odds are it will stay untextured for now, because no matter how nice it looks now, it will appear as a hideous blob of colour when I attempt to do so. =P

1316 Verts 1300 Faces

lol, you should tell us how much polygons it is :smiley:

Oh lol I forgot that information 1316 Verts 1300 Faces

hmmm, pretty good, but i think you can lower it A LOT it’s it’d going to be in a game… You can use all the verts you want but make sure to use each and every single one of them : D Other wise it looks nice : )

1316 Verts 130 Faces
Leave out a 0 there? XP

It looks top me like you may have subsurfed the model- if you did, make sure to get rid of subsurfing before you finish, a level 1 subsurf basically means 3 out of 4 faces are wasted. Any smoothness you want should be manually put in, to give you greater control over each face.

I hate to say it, but if you have to worry about a single model hitting 60, you know it’s too intensive for the computer/engine. Remember that for a game you’re probably going to want logic, scenery (and lots of it, if the game is set in a jungle as dinosaur games generally are) and at least several other moving actors. A single model should have little to no visible impact on the framerate (a game like UT3 might be an exception, as there will only be upwards of 32 characters in a single map, but even then a large portion of resources are used for physics and logic)

All that aside, however, it’s looking pretty good!
I’d love to see this textured and animated : )

That looks great! Except he seems to be a little bit lacking in the claw department. Still, very awesome. :smiley:

it is hitting sixty because that is all blender runs at on my machine, I’ve tried it with a single cube and thats its cap. I’ve fiddled with game options and FPS settings in World settings.

Yes it is subsurfaced, but it is only because I took advantage of GE allowing subsurfaced models without the modifier applied as of 2.49

and yes I did typo my face count. Lol

If you hit “enable all frames” in the Game menu, it should let you see the real framerate cap of the blend (if your video card is capping it, this won’t change anything)

I don’t recommend subsurfing an in-game model because it’s a waste of faces, and sucks up resources that could be used otherwise. For every T-rex subsurfed to just level one, you could instead have four of them (this changes as logic is introduced, but the basic principle remains the same) If you only need the one, and can have that face count, place the vertices manually- you will get much better results, and you can save faces where they’re not needed. No reason to waste resources. I cannot stress this enough.

Well I got it to look almost as good as it did before just by clicking the smooth button a couple times, check the new GE optimized video and tell me what you think