Tyrannosaurus Rex animation

Hi all,

This is a short animation I did for fun, it’s not Jurassik Park but I’m quite happy with it.
Hope you’ll enjoy.


the video looks great , animations look very good. did you model that t-rex? did you use any tutorial , i want to model a t-rex too

Thanks Josip,
Yes I’ve modeled, textured rigged and animated this T Rex with no tutorial, only reference pics and a lot of work :wink:

Hey…Great animation and great model as well. Love the movements of the T-Rex…I can feel it walking…just great.

However I have a question hope to not offend you; but I saw posted in your youtube account the video “Happy Birthday to you” which you uploaded 30 days ago…I saw that Video around 1 or 2 years ago…Were you the creator too?

About the T-REX, I have a co-worker who bought a T-REX pretty much like yours but in
3D max…were you the seller or just mere coincidence?

No offense honestly it just look so awkward to me.

Coming back: yeah I read your video description, you positively said the video was included in Tony Mullen Book- ICA…I bought that book 2 years ago that’s from where I remember that video.

Well nice talking to the creator. Great Work.


Thanks for viewing and commenting blenderguy2008.

Concerning the video Happy birthday, I first posted it on Google video back in 2005 and I just decided to add it to my Youtube channel some times ago. You can see my name stamped on it so I am the creator :wink:
The T Rex is also an original mesh I created 2 months ago and what’s awkward is you speaking about that cause I had in mind to try to sell it on Turbosquid !
Could you tell me how much he paid for it, cause I don’t have any idea on how much to ask for this model … I thought asking about 50 - 70 euros (70 - 100 USD) would be honest …

I don’t know how much did he pay for…for the quality of his model I assume around $200 for a 3DMAX version. Blender models should be sold for much less in my opinion. I sell the rapping raptor for $5 USD…well the model is much less complex than yours.

Good Luck:)

love it ! Very realistic…the sound is not good…

great work :slight_smile: