Made a dinosaur video. Anyone have a guess as to what’s wrong with the shadow? The shadow is simply a plane with an “only shadow” material. usually works fine.

Did you use some nodes for motion blur ?

i did - you think thats the cause of the shadow messing up? render the shadows separately you think?

the tracking went a bit rong two, i could do it if you want?

It almost looks like there are 2 intersecting planes where the shadow is cast.

The dinosaur looks really good though. Not a bad composite. Maybe a little more fill light in the shadowed areas.

It looks a little weird because when you first see the dinosaur, he’s in someone’s yard and on the grass. Then when you pan back he’s on the road.

Speeding up some parts of the animation might make it look better. At the moment it looks like it’s moving in slow motion. There are unnatural pauses between his steps where it isn’t moving.

The deformation of the mesh is fantastic though, good job rigging!

Dunno but could be worth to try to render the messed frames without nodes …

and I thought I was good at making dinosaurs. I would like to be your apprentice. I am making a video series that is pretty much like this. Man you are really good dude!:slight_smile:

hey thanks dudeman95! I really appreciate the compliment! there’s really only one secret: zbrush.

I think its Awesome! With no sound effects, in the beginning made it looked like it was tip-towing or sneaking. lol

The dinosuar modelling is fantastic !!!

Cool, how about getting the toes to scrape and flick the ground. At the moment it seems they are locked from the ankle.