Tyrant Monkey's Sketch Book - current project Ford Anglia

Haven’t done any blending for a long time now. I have been too busy learning to digital paint. But I have a window of four days with no work, yea public holidays, and another long weekend over the easter peroid. The modelling on the Ford Anglia will be completed by Easter or I will die trying.

a half ass interior shot with lots of unfinished stuff. Aside from the dashboard non of it is all too complex.

I promise one update a day until the 1st of April when it will all be done, the modelling part of the equation at least.

Good for you Sir, wish I could say the same thing about that porsche I never finished.

I seem to be unable to sit my butt down and finish this car. I started playing around with dynamic topology after a long break. I am not much of sculptor, so go easy on me this is like my third Dynamic topology sculpt. I started with a vague idea I sketched using the skin modifier. From than on I just played around with some shapes nothing serious all to arrive at this weird look alien dude with the comically huge forearms.

Here is a final render nothing fancy.

Nice sculpt.

The back isn’t on the same level as the front though

@Astapov yeah the back got rushed and

I need to learn texture painting in Blender, working with multi res and to experiment with the new cycles SSS. So I have started with another dynamic topology project that will get ported to multi res and than get some textures. Its another alien this time my own take on a grey.

There is till a lot of work to be done.

front ortho view

side ortho view

Switched my dynamic topology sculpt to multi-res for further detailing. I could have gone a little further with this but my pc is packing up and I can’t work until I get a new hard drive. Lucky I can still log on onto my old HDD it crashes a lot on start up and during general operation but at the moment I get periods of 20 minutes which I am using to transfer my documents to my laptop.

This is what I have been able to manage on my dying pc.

I have no PC powerful enough to sculpt on anymore and won’t have one until the end of the year :frowning: .So its back to car modeling and trying for to finish my beloved Anglia.

I’m about 2 weeks away from finishing the interior, one big giant hold up is the dashboard. I have it blocked out but comparing my block out to some photos and it looks wrong. I unfortunately don’t have enough good quality photos to actually spot everything that is wrong with it. One thing that I know is off is the angle at the front where the instruments all go.

But here are some progress shots. I don’t have a good opengl card anymore so these are just print screen captures with no anit-aliasing.

I’m looking forward to seeing this one finished. :yes:

I really like that model, looks awesome, dig the style!