Tyrant 's sketches[Update 12-06-21] -Nudity Warning

These are some of the sketches that I have been working on. The are no where near complete so forgive the construction lines or the little odd notes that are on there. critics and comments are most welcome. I will try and work on some thing a little more dynamic next time just keep in mind that I did these drawings as references for some modeling projects I want to attempt later on.



really nice work.
I wish I could draw people like that.

in my opinion, there is nothing you can improve :slight_smile:

eyes are to far apart… the pupils are supposed to be in a straight line with the corner of the mouth, take a better look at proportions :wink:

I was trying to get away from drawing with standard proportions. I had gotten into a comfort zone with those and had forgotten that not every face looks or even fits those proportions. So in my attempt to add character I pushed things too far. Thanks for noticing, nothing like a freash per of eyes to spot what’s right in front of you.

That old person sketch is awesome! I really like his saggy eyes :smiley:

I haven’t drawn seriously in a while but I am aiming to change all of that here is a concept sketch I did a while back C&C are welcome


that lady’s pupils arent in line with the corners of her mouth, and she is even smiling a bit. Nice drawings, now do more!

The average height for a man is 5’9" would you draw every single person to that height, standard proportions are just learning tools you learn them and than break them. The pupils of the eyes don’t line up because i made them that way if you look closely at the pic you should see my construction lines, I am well aware of the proportions of an adult face. If you measure the proportions of the forehead to the brow, from the brow to the tip of the nose and from the tip of the nose to the chin you will find that I varied these too. Drawing everything to proportions a surefire way to drawing generic boring characters, Andrew Loomis head drawing book has a couple of pages devoted to the variations of a head one can come up with by playing around with the standards proportions. Most people have a habit of forgeting this part of art and rather focus in on standard proportions and being to draw what the think they should be seeing not what is in front of their eyes. have look at some of John Singer Sargent paintings to see how he played around with proportions to bring out the character of a portrait. The great painters out there could draw a figure to seven or nine head high depending on their needs.

Things like proportions and perspective should always be used for their expressive qualities rather rigidly followed, if you want to see how an artist does this take a look at raphel’s school of athens fresco or monet’s painting with the bar lady in it i forget the title of it.

hmmm sketch is better then animation i think

All you really need is refinement and grace but you will achieve it with more practice. Keep on keeping on.

thanks for the encouragement, its just tough finding to time to sketch with a full time job and the same time also having the competing interest of learning blender but I know its just a matter of time before i come right.

Yeah, it’s just practice. As long as you’re motivated you’ll get there. As far as the critics go, I think a lot of them are just S&M guys doing what they do. Don’t take it to hard.

You need a good advice so i got some to from here , so here it is my advice :
Search on scribd.com for Andrew Loomis - Fun with a pencil , Eye of a painter and other book from him they are old but good , and another one is Norling`s - Perspective made easy.

Leave me a private message to instruct you with some details…

I searched for your thread to see examples of your work and I will pass on the ‘advice’…

Sketch is really good as compare to animation. Anyways, u done a good job.

thanks for the comments Foxy though am not sure I fully understand it, here is a quick sketch done just out of fun,


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While cleaning up at home I uncovered some drawings that I had not seen in a while, I made these drawings over 10 years ago. the tiger (when I was16) and MT (when I was 17) around the time I was doing my o-levels and about to start my a-levels.

The tiger is from a photo from an encyclopedia set and the MT is from a photo that time magazine carried around the time of her death.

Its a bit of a reminder of where I was back than and perharps at how much I have not advanced, that’s the price I paid for picking engineering over fine art. In my neck of the woods artist tend to starve. But I am slowing bring up my skills so we will see what the new year brings



Try drawing that on your free-time ( AM not that good)

you only draw cheaters?


Lost in translation, am not sure I fully understand what you meant to say.

@ tyrant monkey My bad!

this one = <i>Try drawing that on your free-time ( AM not that good)</i> was not for you…

and I really don`t know how I typed <b>cheaters</b> I wanted to say characters.

my question was, are you specialist on characters?