Tyrion Lannister


(Maximus.48) #1

Tyrion LannisterGood day, ladies and gentlemen!) Another bust from the “game of thrones” series . 3D model of Tyrion Lannister .The model is fully executed and visualized in a free 3D Blender editor. Render Cycles .# Blender #Sculpting #Cycles #b3d
Доброго времени,дамы и господа!) Еще один бюст из серии “Игра престолов” . 3D модель Тириона Ланнистера .Модель полностью выполнена и визуализирована в свободном 3D редакторе Blender. Render Cycles .#Blender #Sculpting #Cycles #b3d

(Michael W) #2

I like this! Well done. Really good likeness!

(Tarnyloo73) #3

Great likeness and character study.

(marcoso) #4

You deserve 5 stars just for the perfection of your sculpture!

(Harm26) #5

Well done.

(enigmacat) #6

amazing! Mind telling us how you did the hair?

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(Mr. Chuan) #8

Excellent work! as usual Mr. Maximus

(JoseConseco) #9

Nice work, especially the hair look like they took long time. How long it took to make whole sculpt?

(tungee) #10

He is it! :smiley:

(schoggi) #11

Outstanding work, Maximus!
Do you have an academical art backgound??

Ps I ve PMd you please have a look in spam if you didn t received my mail

(comeinandburn) #12

Beautiful sculpt once again! Excellent likeness!

(julperado) #13

Awesome! Your work is always beautiful and inspiring :slight_smile:

(Hadriscus) #14

Amazing job !

(ToshiCG) #15

Your sculpts are excellent Maximus.

Have you done traditional sculpture as well?

(Maximus.48) #16

Many thanks !! Alas, but such the images I have no…(

(Maximus.48) #17

Many thanks! When I was young, I made some clay. I don’t have a workshop right now .For this there are not classic modeling. But I hope I also realize)

(dr0necl0ne) #18

This is so very inspiring!
I would also be interested in how long it took.
How many Vertices in total?
Is the background a plane with picture-texture?

Thank you for sharing!

(antoni4040) #19

Every time I try a portrait, it ends up looking like a monkey. That’s fucking amazing, if you’ll excuse my language. Well done!

(Maximus.48) #20

Thank you very much! it took about three weeks. the peaks total about 1.8 millionYes, the background is a plane with a picture-texture.)