Tyrion Lannister.

Sculpting and texture - zbrush. All others - blender 2.72.



wow!! great Job :eyebrowlift:

woha! I love it! One of the best hair I’ve seen! Congrats!

Very nice hair and eyes. I’d love to see the material settings for those.

Awesome sculpt! Although he seems a bit younger than in the show. How did you manage such great hair?

Great piece of work. Should go straight to gallery…

Great hair!!!

very nice!!! and yeah, really beautiful render for the hair!

man! this very AMAZING!! how to say ?! nice hair rendering and very realistic. he is real Tyrion

How did you make hair?

thanks guys! )

Here great video tutors by Cedric Lepiller. I like it very helpful.

Wow! Very awesome work. The hair looks amazing.

Awesome job. Thanks for sharing the tutos.

Wow, he looks just awesome.

Maaaan! This picture deserves top row in my opinion! This is awesome! I am unfamiliar with zbrush, so I am unsure if it shows the number of triangles. If it does, how many were used? Also, how much did the render take? Also, why not update to 2.74? Anyways, great! I hope one day I’ll be able to create such realistic portraits!

If I may critique, I’d say there’s one thing that I believe requires some more work: the skin looks a little bit too pale.

PS: Below is a picture, for comparison. You should add it into the main post, IMO, as a side by side comparison. I guess you are using a graphics tablet? What would you recommend? I had my eyes on an Intuos Manga (it looks like the best for my budget) I read somewhere that small tablets like the Intuos Manga don’t work well with a 21.5 inch monitor. Is it true? I want to use it for sculpting for the most part. Thanks for the help!

This is totally amazing)) How did you make the hair, though? In Blender or ZBrush? Are these particles? Would you share your method. Making them behave nicely in Blender is soo challenging)

Damn you people, am I the only one who doesn’t watch “game of thrones”?

It looks like a studio photo, if he looks directly into the camera. So photorealistic. What shaders did you assign to the hair, it’s unbelievably believable…

Here great video tutors by Cedric Lepiller. I like it very helpful.



I started a project with 2.72. The next project will start with 2.74 )

Hé hé, nice model !

The hair are really nice, well done :wink:

Hope you will make a making-of !

This is amazing, great sculpt and great render!