U.S.A and Blender: a parallel path?

In reality, to make everything simple, they should make all the other more spartan units of measurement linear too.

for heat, for electricity, for data, water pressure, for lumen, and other measures that don’t come to my mind at the moment,

everything should be as linear and simple as the metric system,the advantages are undoubtedly greater.

when you deal with Heat transfer parameters or flow in 2D or 3D
metric is a lot easier to work with using MKS or CGS

I can understand that it has to do with Education / School system
but also big Mega companies don’t want to modify their big machines and re train people to work with Metric system.

Note: I’v seen some companies refusing to change technologies cause of
re training old people is expensive and difficult to chake up old brain cells.
but it is life LOL

happy Metric

I’m saving this. ^^

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… and then, at ~100°C water changes its state again, turns to steam. Even kids understand that.

depends on pressure / altitude too LOL
but that is more advance I guess

happy bl

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I like the idea of using metric, though as an older (44 years) US person without a scientific background I’m still kinda stuck in my ways. I’m pushing myself though - my copy of Blender starts up with metric now and I’m trying to use it more in every day situations.

Also, I’ve just started learning more about trigonometry and I still hate using radians instead of degrees for everything, even though I know that I’m going to have to as time goes on. It just makes more sense to me to say “90” instead of a fraction with an irrational numerator.

I don’t have children so I don’t know what they’re teaching these days, but I’m fairly progressive so I think that just because we’ve always done things a certain way doesn’t mean that we should always continue to do things that way. Hopefully the generations of US folk after me will get things right from the start rather than having to unlearn and relearn stuff like this.

Yup… and it’s what " ~ " represents ( = cca. = circa = around = approximately…)
Metrics also helps when you start considering physics, energy requirements for working needs - Newtons (Force), Watts (Power), Joules (Energy)… and yes, we need to define decimal time units. Which is hard to do, since we’re still mentally, ideologically too bounded to Earth & Sun relation ratio. Also, we keep using degrees instead of radians.

We could easily say that without a metric system in 1791 initiated by the French Academy of Sciences and widespread and evolved slowly throughout Europe, we would not have had the industrial revolution … the dates coincide.


Not only … even the birth of modern states would not have been possible without the metric system …
I think of my nation, Italy, which was composed of many small kingdoms, until 1861 what today are regions … :crazy_face::sneezing_face:

Today we give everything so obvious … but at the time it was something revolutionary, but think about it, there were alchemists, various categories of “scientists” but communicating with each other had to be hell, let trade or anything, measures obviously they had existed for a long time, but it was all busted. Matter had meant value and a different dimension from kingdom to kingdom, hehehe

Just to put it into perspective from my view.

When I start learning a complex 3d software it is usually about one to two months full time. Much much longer if it is free time. And even then it is only the basics. I have but barely entered the room.

And then, once that I have enough time usually in years - actually using it full time in production - I can start to call on my experience and opinion as worthy of being critical and that will stand up to the scrutiny of others with much longer experience.

In my opinion this is mostly about personal professional ethics and secondly about respect for others. Especially professionals.

My advice here is that you humble up. Roll up your sleaves and get cracking to first and foremost learn Blender and work with it for a while.

Don’t make the mistake in thinking that you will come up with something bright and fresh from a new user perspective that will not be something already discussed and that will also hold up to scrutiny.

These threads happen all the time with software. New user decides to start complaining and a large portion of the thread is spent educating new user in that software.

You need to rant. Fine rant.

But in my opinion you will be far more productive in learning things as they are first. Then spend time in production and interacting humbly with the community with a bent towards learning Blender and the community.

Take your time to gain respect. And maybe think twice about starting threads with alarming offensive titles.

Then if you see something that you want to change speak up about that one thing with the developers directly.

And if that one thing you want to see changed holds up to even their scrutiny can you then enter into the phase of selling it as a priority over the already existing roadmaps. And only then will you get a taste of how complex and specific the development process is.

It is not done in broad sweeping generalities. It is taken on in much more focused sprints on particular initiatives. Within which a specific feature is worked on tirelessly to get right and working with all of the other features and also not break anything in the process.


I don’t know about both systems been equal. One is based on science, the other is based on body parts and stuff from the Middle Age. While you can measure anything with any type of system, even makeup one such as Blender unit. But for scientific purpose, everything in done in metric system, even in the US. NASA have given up on the general population and gone rogue by making metric system as its official system.

Speaking of NASA, wasn’t the Apollo program basically led by a bunch ex-Nazis scientists? Maybe they were really good at converting metrics to imperial.

They both have their merits. Metric units are easy to convert between due to their base 10 nature. Imperial units on the other hand are highly divisible due to being fractional (64, 32, 16, 12, etc). One could argue that in day to day life, you spend more time dividing things into sections than converting things to other units. And that’s why in my work I use metric, for every day life I use imperial.

I will say though, that as an American, there are some really bizarre Imperial units that do NOT make life easy. Foot-pound of torque? One pound of rotational force from a leverage point of 1 foot… Horsepower? 33,000 foot-pounds of work per minute… Those are fun units. And don’t even get me started on the mile. As a 35 year old man, I’m ashamed to admit I can never quite remember that in feet. I only ever remember 5000 and a bit. :sweat_smile:

It wasn’t spearheaded by a bunch of ex-Nazis, but Werner Von Braun was brought over to the US to help our military develop its ballistic missile tech, and eventually ended up floating over to NASA at some point.

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It’s all about the hogsheads, man. What’s funny is I think that’s still an official unit of measurement here.

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Haha Well I gotta say I didn’t even know that was a thing. Weird.

I don’t even wanna think about how they came up with the name…

I presume
before the era of calculators, the best units of measurement were certainly those that could be divided into several parts without too many complications.

Out of curiosity I digging a little on the origins of the measurements, …it was once important to have big feet… :grin:
I admit that while living in the Roman heart, I was ignorant of them

“Metric is far superior to Imperial.”
“But why?” you ask.
“Yes, because of decimal ratio, but there’s more. Here’s another reason why…”

International agreement.
While for Imperial even countries making the Anglo-saxon Empire among them selves cannot agree on which is the right, the dominant one to be used universally. :wink:

Operation Paperclip is much darker than it looks. Some of them should have stood in front of war crime tribunals to answer things they’ve done while serving as SS officers. But history is written by the winners.

Anyways, don’t want hijack the topic. For sake of future generations, I hope we’ll join the rest of the world by get rid of the imperial system. Then it would be just Myanmar and Liberia left.

I would suggest to try to understand history about the SS and the Operation Paper clip - It was not that simple or easy
and trying to judge from our own time is not the way to do it.

Don’t forget scientists did not have a choice they had to be part of the military or SS in Germany !

Operation Paper clip was probably the least worst alternative

cannot even think what would have happened otherwise !

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