U.S. Citizens, please sign petition against software patents

Please read about it here, and if you are like me, and agree, then please sign the petition. Thanks, Ingie


Done :wink:

Thanks for pointing that out.
It’s a wonder that at the same time the US gov is trying to get control of MS, that they work to give them more tools to stifle competition.

Amen to that, they have no idea it seems???

thanks for posting the Link!

I wanted to check out your wife’s stuff, but it’s under construction. Let me know when she has stuff up??? What does she do? I’d love to know!

Love Ingie

Thanks for pointing me to that link.
May software the world wide go GNU

no way nark! u just want the government to have our names!
::goes to read and maybe sign::

Go look for “The Privacy Song” by Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie. (I think I found it on mp3.com but I’m not sure.)

  1. pofo

Sadly, they already have everything on us. Hell, it’s even illegal NOT to answer the census survey. You are right, kid, to beware. Stay that way, I’m starting to tire of fighting.

Love INgie

yeah ingiee
we fight also in europe.
good work. thanks. (you know)


sorry can sign, not 18 yet, but i read something somewhere that the us gov. was trying to stop people from building their own computers ( HA!!!) finacialy hurting Gateway??? they rip their customers out of like $600 per. computer they sell, and they are garbage. so my advice, never buy a pc at any retail store, or dell, gateway, or any others there may be, build one yourself, or pay somebody to do it!!!