U.S.S. Enterprise Redesign

I haven’t been active on this site for a while since I forgot about it haha! I had a thread years ago for a previous version of this project, but now that I’ve finally come back to it after all this time I decided to start a new one. The goal is to modernize the design while staying true to the spirit of the original, and to make it to cinematic standards the best I can.

Here is the progression up to now:

What is your favorite Enterprise?

  • NX-01
  • NCC-1701
  • NCC-1701 (JJ)
  • NCC-1701 (Discovery retcon)
  • NCC-1701 Refit
  • NCC-1701-A
  • NCC-1701-B
  • NCC-1701-C
  • NCC-1701-D
  • NCC-1701-E
  • NCC-1701-F
  • NCC-1701-J

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All that’s left is to finish the engineering section and the dish, some windows and various bay doors/hatches, and of course textures.

The engineering hull panel lines are done:


Wow that looks just great. the semi subtile but efficient detailing is quite refreshing. Just the proprtions seem a bit off.

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Looks so good- can’t wait to see how it progresses!

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Very nice repotology. What addon you use? Retopoflow?

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Thanks! It’s all been manual so far

Awesome work. I’m a huge Trek fan so I’ll look forward to seeing this completed.

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I started on the windows, first by planning the decks. You’ll notice some of the decks are different heights. I gave the saucer larger decks since that’s where the living areas are, and engineering the smallest to make room for equipment. The neck as the highest since most of it is piping, cables, turbo light shaft, and stairs. And that doesn’t mean every room has the same height either, I figure decks don’t all have to align perfectly. Think split level house.

I also put bare bones interiors inside.

And here is the detailing on the engineering hull inderside:


Getting carried away with interior planning. You can see the major machinery and piping, as well as the deck plans for the neck. I do want to do complete deck plans, but I’ll consider this model done once I finish the windows and textures. Everything else is extra credit.


More windows:


And finally, the modeling is pretty much done. I may add a few details here and there later. Enjoy some full shots:

Next step: texturing. I’ve never done any texturing before, wish me luck!


Good luck with that! :laughing:

All the same, you’ve got some lovely bevels going on there, though I can imagine that if you apply the same degree of finesse modeling her then I’d suggest she’ll turn out more than half decent once pimped too the nines, for those closeup beauty shots.

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I have been learning how to texture so I can finish this bad boy up. I finished up some more things with the modeling, so now I’ll take a break for now while I work on my texturing skills.


Welp, I learned how to texture, I think it turned out ok. I’m still adding some smaller details and tweaking some things, but here she is:


Very nice. I particularly like the head-on image.

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Great work. Now is time for glorious render with starfield… and maybe some planet.

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Now get cracking and composite a background…befitting her historical Scifi status :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Looks great! Will there be an animation?

The Enterprise may be the first thing I modeled. I thought I started CG modeling with trueSpace but this reminds me of a job I had long before that. I worked for a company making software to produce data about the radar return from an object given a simple model of it made with basic primitives. Not my job but from curiosity I constructed Enterprise in that. Enterprise is very visible to radar.


Yeah I can’t really recall any instance of the Enterprise trying to be stealthy :thinking: it seems like the Federation gave up on low profile designs in the spirit of the utopia

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