u.s.s. NouJaim

someone shall stop me…no…mooore…space…ship…!



a friend of mine pushed me to do a trek ship…decided to make a stylized one that had some trek similarities :wink:

more in the next days

Looks sort of like an electric razor. Otherwise, it’s a great start. Good lighting, too.
I presume that the next step is to add the little square lights, right?

Looks very good, except that the normal map on the front area (the “disc”) is a little too obvious. Keep it up!

Actually, I think thats all modeled

Lol, Ecks doin a trekky ship never thought I’d see the day, But I agree about the paneling maybe put less of a gap between them, right now it seems more decorative then actually practical.

Awesome. Really like the style. Like a futuristic version of Star Trek. Like it a lot. Just add glowing lights for the engine and you´re on.

Nice progress from your last renders. Looking more Trek like now.


I would say it looks a bit like a federation/Klingon joint design.

Very good.

If you was not going to go futher with this, would you care to donate the blend? (oohhh the cheek of the fellow :o ).

Ken :smiley:

Oh, no ! He’s found the subsurf button ! We’re all DOOMED ! :o

Lookin’ good, except for the yucky green. That’s a bit bleurghk, IMHO.

that is, like a futuristing version of the, uh, future?

nice job. lets see some spiffy textures and a starfield.

There’s a major design issue here.
If you’re on the first half of the ship you won’t make it to the other first half unless you take a long turn through the back of the disc.
Not really convenient if you’re at war, you’re the captain on a routine check and have to run 20 mins. to get back to the bridge.
Unless you’re a trekkie and simply teleport yourself.
Blah, to hell with realism anyway.


It’s form over function for Ecks, he’s a radical. Good stuff BTW Ecks. You should look up Andrew Probert’s work, He has color specs for the exterior of the Enterprise he designed (Generation’s I believe) on his site, might be useful. His concept sketches are cool to look at for inspiration.

it’s all modelled, but why do you mean by “too obvious”? it’s too bumped out?

fonix: yea you’re right, will try to do so! (damn…lots of work :P)

bigbad: that’s coming, I’m doing some test wit hthe sequencer and glow effect :wink:

BgDM: yeah! now the uber trek maniac won’t bash my ship to death :wink:

kencanvey: tx, and I do plan to work more on it :wink: I’ll see about releasing it :wink:

Rhysy2: you bet that you’re al doomed. Fear my upcoming character modelling skillz! And what about the green? not a good green color? anything to suggest?

vliegtuig: well there is a couple of rules I used to follow when modelling a spaceship:

  1. try to make it practical (realistic in some way)
  2. try to make it esthetic and have a defined style
  3. if rule #1 stop you from doing #2, screw rule #1

but yea I understand your point and I’ve been telling me the same thing from the very first moment I modelled it…but ahem…ahem…this ship is equiped with enhanced transporter device that let you walk (or run) up to the “wall” and it teleport you instantly on the other side of the corridor…like if you just kept walking normally. yea…that’s it :wink:

bussman: tx for the link. quite usefull for checking details!

when I saw your model… I drooled! I love star trek and your ship is the coolest thing I have seen. I thought the gap in the middle was for the most powerful weapon that can surge thru the shield and bring other ship’s power down… Or set it to max damage which will vaporize the other ship instantly.

What do you think? Lol

I meant too obvious as in “it’s too obvious that it’s a normal map”.

…that’s modeled? Maybe it’s just my imagination then, but it really looks like a normal map to me :-?