U.V Mapping baking

:eek:Okay so say if I have modeled a main character for a game…
that’s right well i want to know how to get ao lighting, shadows,uv mapping like
bump map , mip map etc all correct for it to look sufficient to modern games
I know it’s possible can you tell me how in blender all of this works, I don’t
expect the highest result i expect people to give me tutorials or information
on this topic,…thank you …glsl sharers …any other shaders.:smiley:
well well please comment me on this !!!:slight_smile:


this might help aswell http://www.blenderart.org/2008/10/11/blenderart-mag-issue-18-now-available/

Yeah, but the blenderart mag only shows you AO, and not how to get your textures back on with the AO and make it look awesome.

… Just compo the AO and diffuse together in photoshop

diffuse? and also, what layer blend does it have to be on?

hahahaha :smiley: you type funny

Ya you can UV Bake, and they pretty muchd summed things up with link. sooooooo…good luck?

thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

YAY!.. that gets me a little closer, I saw pro’s do it they’re just to wanker to give the advice so blender has more great game designers lol, thank you all very much!!!more would help in the future…:slight_smile:

How do I do BUMP MAPS?
Baking is pretty shit considering I dont
know what the ferk im doin?
anybody got a example or file
or screen shot to guide me threW?
files always help i can work with a file
well loo at how its done and do it myself
till i get the same result…?ANYONE ???

Try this way…

It is one way to accomplish dynamic bump/normal maps.

Well a bump map as you may already know is a texture that “redirects” lightening information on the surface of an object to fake geometry. You can add huge amounts of detail to low poly objects with bump maps. Normal maps do the same but before bump maps were only black and white thus preventing the creation of smooth bumps and such whilst normal maps are in full RGB which allows for much nicer maps using gradients for example. I think that nowadays it is quite common that people just use both words. There are two general ways of creating normal maps, you can bake on from a higher poly model with loads of detail and “project” it onto a lower poly model, more suitable for games. There is documentation about doing this is in blender.
You can find that here: http://www.blender.org/development/release-logs/blender-246/render-baking/

Otherwise you create them from your texture in a 2d application such as photoshop.
This is the old school way i think but it requires a bit more effort than just baking, you need to repaint and invert some things on the diffuse for example to get a believable result. To make normal maps from textures in photoshop use the nVidia normal map plugin.
Here is some useful stuff for you to read on that:

http://www.bencloward.com/tutorials_normal_maps11.shtml - pages 3 and forth
and the link to download: http://developer.nvidia.com/object/photoshop_dds_plugins.html

There is also a third way which is using an application called crazybump. It automatically makes normal maps for you like magic. You can download a demo fo free but you have to pay for a full version. If you use CrazyBump PLEASE do not just slap your textures right into it and press the magic button like most people do because this will not give you good results if you want to make it look good and not only “bumpy”

Here is a great tutorial that Tiros over on the GameArtist forums wrote some time ago, it covers specular maps (which you should definately look into now that youre at it) and normal maps. http://www.game-artist.net/forums/support/5529-creating-specular-normal-maps.html

Logunwhite321 Hello,

The address of the site http://www.crazybump.com/
Crazybump? very good software, 30 days trial after
price is 69$, 99$ to 299$.

Good luck to you.
Deloince JP

i wrote a tutorial to bake shadows.

hope that helps.

Logunwhite321 Hello,

Software Interestingly, two free and fee formula.
Goodbye and good work

Deloince JP

Thank U All!!!:):):):):):slight_smile:

we can get spec map now>? WOW yay!

okay modeling a character can you guys give me a tut on that not videos i have slow internet here sorry or something you may have come up with like wire frames of a head or something to help me with topology anatomy and working with the mesh n a character game design and animation

I found one once that took you through modeling, texturing, rigging, and animating a character. It was a very high quality tut. Sorry though I could not find it agian. Maybe someone else will know what I’m talking about and post the link.