Uaz 452

Hey guys! This is my last personal project, a desert render of this Russian van. I had developed the model for my studio’s demo reel, and while I was happy with the van modeling and animation, I felt it needs a little more effort in the texturing and the environment. Lot of improvements could be made here and there, but now it’s time to move to another projects.

Original animation at the end of the demo reel:

More images in my ArtStation


You did a wonderful job with the van, i like the textures, the modeling, the lighting, congrats.

nice allroad van! i remember this car on streets in 80’s

door handle in real life looks different :slight_smile:


Great job!!! These SUVs are produced, and we now have in Russia))))

very cool lighting
good job.

Thanks for all the replies and comments, guys.

@JIBZ that’s references had been really usefull in the modeling; sadly my references were more general photos, it was my fault not to seek for better references. I’ll try to update the model when I get some time.

Looks a lot like a VW Bus. Not a bad thing, but that is what comes to mind when first viewing.