Uber's BWC 2009 Desperate Measures

Hi! Here I present my first sketch. I know it is ugly, but Is the main idea. The story goes like this:

In an alternate universe, The Kingdom is terrorized by the evil forces of Nikola. Losing their defenses, the people reunites at the central castle. Waiting for the inevitable: Their deaths at the hands of Nikola’s monsters.

Quaxo the wizard and his assistants run to the side tower, where old symbols are drawn at the central circle in the floor, High above the castle. And with all his remaining energy, conjures help from the future.

Surrounded by lighting, dust and curious particles, from the circle emerges a strange creature: Looks like a man with a futuristic armor, his hands firmly grip what it looks like a really big staff of black and silver colors. His face denotes the surprise of being transported here to this moment. The wizard looks surprised even more. Below them, the menacing forces are about to climb to get them.

The wizard can only ask himself: Will this helper from the future be enough to defeat Nikola and her army? He does not know the answer, he only knows that desperate times require desperate measures.

I will got inspiration from Lord of the Ring (I know, I know :)), Wizard of Oz and Gears of War 1 & 2.

I will keep working to improve my sketches to present a clearer image of my concept. Hope you like it.

Please if you have suggestions, I am more than willing to hear from you



Wow - you have great imagination, and although your sketch doesn’t quite strike me with what you wrote, I am confident that you will bring this creation to light with superb flair. All the best!