Ubisoft mixer - collaboration software

Mixer is a Blender addon developed at Ubisoft Animation Studio for Real Time Collaboration in 3D edition. It allows multiple Blender users to work on the same scene at the same time. Thanks to a broadcasting server that is independent from Blender, it is also possible to implement a connection for other 3D editing softwares.


This is amazing new, i’ll be eagerly keeping my eyes on this for sure. Blender had something similar working with Blender Verse 12 years ago but it was abandoned. Thanks Ubisoft.


Mind boggling!
Not really sure I’d like to use something like that though - I kind of like -my- creations to be MINE, if you know what I mean…

Still. VERY cool.

Wow ! Collaborating in real time on a 3D scene would be amazing. I have all kinds of questions though : how do they resolve conflicts arising from several users trying to work on the same data ? Are scenes compartmentized so that never happens ? Is there a priority system that prevents it ? Ideally this would work hand in hand with version control… I’m dreaming.

This is more useful for a studio or a small team, if they are building out a scene but not really necessary on your own projects.
I wonder if Ubisoft is building this tool to use for multiplayer VR. They would face the same sorts of issues moving and modifying objects in a VR game as in normal 3D production.

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I tested this with @Kerub who lives on the other side of the world (he’s from Brazil, I live in the Netherlands) and it was quite a cool experience. We spent 10 minutes getting our network set up (opening a port on the router, port forwarding it to my local machine, opening the port in my firewall), and it worked rather flawlessly after that. Please note that this IS still quite slow - I’d say the viewport updates twice per second or so. Upon importing a mesh on Luis’ machine my Blender crashed, so there’s still some work to be done.


What setting do you change for connecting to a different network?

I think I figured it out

i guess it’s more intended to local networks than to the internet ( though it’s basically the same thing ) :wink:

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Just the IP address, but you’ll have to make sure you open the right ports on your router and firewalls.

Thanks I figured it out

Hi there,
Quick update about Mixer, for those of us who are still looking for a collaboration tool: they recently released a version “1.0”, which received a lot of attention since last summer. There is a doc now and some tutorials, everything is here:
Ubisoft Mixer Documentation


where would the .blend scene file be saved ?
And what if we create new props locally ? must be shared first on every user ?