Ubuntu 11.04 + Cycles Install

Hey all, so I have been away from a linux running machine, and I just installed linux on my laptop. Now I have 2.57b working fine of course. But I really want one of these builds from Graphicall.org to actually run. [excuse my linux noob-ness] So heres my question,

how do i set up a cycles build of blender from graphicall.org on 64 bit Ubuntu Linux? Please someone tell me. Cant wait much longer…

I have used Cycles in windows, but I would rather use Linux personally.

So who ever can figure that out for me gets a cookie! :wink:


Won’t run how? what is it doing? Have you ran it from Terminal to see what libs are missing?


go straight to the horses mouth : wiki.blender.org/…/Cycles/Building
i found it was almost effortless, ‘no-brainer’, great instructions from the wiki.

Hey thanks guys, now I am up and running and really enjoying the new Ubuntu now that I have all the Blender I need. I will have to credit theKAt for the answer to my problems. Very straight forward… [and by that I mean its just, click this, copy that, done…] But thank you.

And of course thanks to everyone else. Can always rely on the Blender community.