Ubuntu 11.04 Final out

Ubuntu 11.04 final released: :cool:

Use the torrent and keep uploading until it reaches at least ratio 1 so you uploaded the same quantity you have downloaded.

Awesome! Will upgrade today. :ba:

edit: literally the only thing I need now is Adobe package running on Ubuntu natively. But I’m almost giving up on it.

edit: just downloaded it. can’t wait to get home. Unity looks very awesome.

will download later.

Adobe reportedly considering a native linux implementation. Add your voice to the crowd at adobe.com/go/wish

I wouldn´t bother today. The repositories are jammed.
I just tried to install it. Package timeouts, so I am missing the nvidia module which isn´t really helping, and the average speed is 20-30 kb/s during install/update.
Usually I got 2.5 mb/s. I´d recommend to download the image via torrent from their site but wait with install or update until tomorrow or so. Else you watch the progress bar for ~1.5h to end with a barely functional version you can manually repair - or reinstall :wink:

Painting in gimp seems to be broken for me with this release, everything is choppy with my wacom.

I didn’t tested gimp yet.
I was talking my very best bad words looking at this thing from Hell called Unity.
I spent a lot of time just to find the Apps we have in System / Administration and System / Preferences in Ubuntu 10.10. In 11.04 you need a lot but a loooot more of navigating stupid menus to find these fundamental apps.
So after some time I decided Unity is not for me. Go to the Login Screen app and choose Ubuntu Clasic instead Ubuntu. Back to normality.
What I don’t like of Unity:

  • The menus of the programs you run are in the top system bar like in Mac (and I hate that, try to open several apps and you are crossing your screen with the mouse continuously to reach the menu, instead of working in the app and just moving a little the mouse to reach the menu
  • The icons are giant, giant, giant. And they are not configurable if you don’t install compiz…
  • Because the icons are giant you use continuously scrolling.
  • All the programs are shown in a Icon format instead a list format that is what I want. I like to choose System/Administration and the entire list of apps shows.
    I think the day Ubuntu Classic is not supported I will fly to another linux distro.
    Well, time to test now if there are problems with the apps now.

Way ahead of you Bao, already downloaded Linux Mint. So far everything works, Ubuntu just isn’t for me any more, at least not on my main desktop, a netbook maybe.
I haven’t got a bad word for Ubuntu, i’ve enjoyed using it for years, and i hope they do well from this release, but like i said it’s not for me.

Hey all,

I’m setting up a multimedia machine out of spare parts for tv, overnight rendering etc. Might be a lazy question, but have people had much luck at all with Nvidia cards, Ubuntu (or Linux in general) and a s-video cable? The card specifically is a 8600GT I think.

Why I’m posting in this thread I guess is to whether the latest Ubuntu has better/easier hardware support for this sort of thing. Not interested in Mythbuntu, basically just aiming to have vlc output on a tv and keep it as simple as possible. I’ve used a number of versions of a number of distributions so I don’t really mind which, but I keep hearing that Ubuntu is typically supposed to be the more user friendly one. Have tried them all since 6.04 I think, but not sure about 10.10.

I’ll split to a new thread if more appropriate, but figure it’s Ubuntu discussion.

Hi Ben
Ubuntu and Mint will give you an automatic installer for nvidia card drivers, works a treat. Not sure about the video cable.

I will download it and give live cd a try however it takes a lot to win me over.

By default the Nvidia driver is not installed and the codecs you are going to need not too.
First thing is to install the Nvidia driver. You open the “Additional drivers” program and then activate the Nvidia driver and it will download. You will need to restart your system. Then you will be in Unity, I recommend to get rid of it, locate the “Login Screen” and choose there Ubuntu Classic instead Ubuntu.

For playing some videos you will need some codecs that are not with Ubuntu by default. For example I recommend installing with Synaptic:

VLC works “bad” with 1080 videos with h264 codecs until you do this:
Tools / Preferences / Input & Codecs / Video codecs / FFmpeg
select ALL for Skip the loop filter for H.264 decoding.
Save the preference

now your videos play great.

I think Nvidia driver is better than ATI one in Linux. But don’t use the open driver for the graphics card, use the Nvidia or Ati one always as said above.

The installation of flash plugin for ubuntu 64bits is done this way:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sevenmachines/flash
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install flashplugin64-installer

so your videos in youtube play for example.

Thanks all for the help. I’ve gotten as far as installing Nvidia drivers, Flash, other restricted codecs and general usefulness before. It’s just an s-video cable to a standard def tv, so vlc is fine. The problem is I can’t actually get it (ubuntu) to work with an svideo cable. WinXP was on there before, worked fine. Anyway, seems a pretty specific thing so I think I’ll go back to the ubuntu forums until I’m knee deep in xorg.conf, again.

A problem I had in Ubuntu 11 and how I solved it:

Today I started ubuntu 11.04 (I use ubuntu clasic not unity thing) and the upper panel didn’t show the wifi, hour, login applets. Also the system monitor applet that I added was not there. Other applets like the kill app applet was there and the launchers were too.

So I was to the menu: System / Shut down and restarted Ubuntu and it was the same. The applets were not there.
This seems to be a bug not resolved yet. But to bring back the applets I did this:

Alt + F2 and launch gnome-system-monitor program.
Select in Proceses tab the gnome-session program and click the End process button. Ubuntu will log out and you just click the user button and enter the password to log in and all the applets are back. I didn’t tried in the menu: System / Log out but perhaps it will work too. Shudown don’t works but log out does.

This was my only issue at the moment with ubuntu 11.04.

You might as well stick with 10.10 if your not using unity Bao, i don’t think that the old style gnome panels will be supported at all in 11.10 Ocelot, so you’re kind of jumping through hoops for nothing, sadly the end of an era.

Well, by 11.10 they might listen to users and allow some decent customisation and better defaults! “places” is a great idea and better than the lame “HOME” folder shortcut accesable from the dock… there’s a hack for that, but it 's just so convoluted out of teh box!.. As a tablet user (and right handed) this dock on the left thing is about the worst design decision ever… and I must say that the “hide and seek” scrollbars are a royal pain!

you might hope a gnome version might be offered like kubuntu or xubuntu (maybe gubuntu!) in 11.10 but I guess if they’re also ditching X11 we can just expect it to be a little half baked for a while.

Strange that it wouldn’t take much to make unity a big step forward, but this “limited on purpose by design” thing is a bad bad joke.

It’s hardly jumping through hoops to stick with classic for now …I just chose “classic” from the login screen (after a morning of seeing what unity had to offer) and it works fine.

Anyone else notice how the major gthumb update in 10.10 was a massive step backwards? sadly no improvements there in 11.04!

There are only a few reasons why I’m still a windows user:

  1. Modern games incompatible with linux.
  2. Couldn’t find any good open source music mixing software for linux that uses VST effects. And that’s the main thing I use my computer for apart from internet and blender.
  3. No photoshop… not a fan of Gimp, it’s very far behind…
  4. No microsoft office. I had trouble with Open Office quite a few times, where a friend sends me a file and asks me to print it, but it’s displayed wrong in open office and because of that i have to go to my brothers computer to print it.

Ofcource I could have dual boot, but it’s just such a waste of time to boot to another os for every different task…
If these are solved, I’d go to Ubuntu without looking back.

Not relevant. If I make a file in OO and send it to my friend, it gets displayed wrong in Microsoft.

This is why I will never use Windows…



I read here about what Ardour page says, and even though it could be possible for a few, it looks like it is a PITA and you have to build it yourself. I thought it might work well, but they say on the page several times that there are drawbacks trying to employ the VST plugins.

Oh, well.