Ubuntu 11.10

Beware if you are going to upgrade. Lots of problems and even not starting (nvidia driver problem).

I have four hard disks and I installed Ubuntu 11.10 in one (you need to create the “” and swap partitions but also indicate the “boot” hard disk just below in that window or your grub will go to other hard disk). And first thing I tried is going back to Ubuntu classic instead unity but it is not good solution now because the panels are not working the same way than before and you can’t put your launchers and little applets on the panels. So the best is use unity ar go to Ubuntu classic sometimes you go crazy like using QtCreator and you minimize the app and you are not able to go back to the app in Unity. If you uses QtCreator best way is log out and log in in Ubuntu classic mode until minimize problem gets solved in Unity.
To be able to choose ubuntu classic you simply install in Ubuntu Software Center “synaptic” app and then in synaptic you install “gnome-panel”. Then log out and above the password box there is a icon where you open a pop up and are able to select ubuntu classic.

If you uses a nvidia card and you want use the nvidia driver you must enable “canonical partners” in Software sources and then go to System Settings / Additional drivers and two drivers are presented. The first one has “recommended” text on it. Use this recommended one, because if you uses the second one your computer will freeze at start.

When I upgraded (just few days ago), I lost my connectivity to the internet. It won’t even allow me to enter my password to connect to the Internet.

The upgrade system on ubuntu is broken its safer to fresh install :frowning:

Personally I have found Debian Sid to be a much more stable distro than Ubuntu. It is not that difficult to get setup any more either.

guess i’ll have to stick with 11.04 for sometimes longer;). love unity interface.

Nvidia issue is there certainly in Ubuntu’s all versions.
I got issues when i installed 11.04 with desktop and the unity interface both freezing. I selected classic …it worked and then switched back to Unity it worked again,but when my graphics card broke i’ve lost Ubuntu totally. Since then i’ve switched to old integrated graphics …but that won’t start Ubuntu either.
Never had a successful ubuntu Session on my PC since Ubuntu 8.04.It always Ends with formatting losing data and switching to windows. http://blenderartists.org/forum/image/png;base64,iVBORw0KGgoAAAANSUhEUgAAABAAAAAQCAIAAACQkWg2AAABAklEQVQokXWSLY6EQBCFn0LhUag5Awlqkra4lS1HoPYSoMZguQQXIGNwqzDtEOs5wGiSWvFq6a7JTOUJ0ryv/roBG02BpsDtEvUxaD0myM+Xam1lrm8X9NU79zFBljJat0G2QdaWMkxTYO8M0BQIHilgmDQ9T4LH77f+lefDAC6P6U/r3kWlzP2a9EMrEx8Tjil+7J0yfWUrUPTJ2gLQAZ6PV8AwXBS3tA3q3gZtyeXaNKtHIGX+pUDwBjjX7XIYbK7v12RRXAgQh5GldDlcDllKXnnMFDwA3VLw6Cv0FVLMACfDYYJH8JAxkzGTuabevEJWP29NgTHj4/0YxPhyqZf4AwESG/NlFR3bAAAAAElFTkSuQmCC

Yeah! the unity interface is Okay (gives a Mac feeling) but loved the Compiz Graphics More from previous version.
Don’t Know how 11.10 is!

Creating desktop launchers to programs like blender in Ubuntu 11.10:

You need first install synaptic in Ubuntu Software Center
Now in synaptic you must install gnome-panel so it installs all you need to create launchers

Now Alt + T to open a terminal and enter this order (use copy and paste (paste in the terminal is right mouse / Paste):
gnome-desktop-item-edit ~/Desktop/ --create-new
The create launcher app appears and you browse to the blender executable and create the launcher.
Right click in the desktop and uncheck Keep Aligned and place your launcher where you want.

I’m fine with unity and upgraded to 11.10 a few days ago without any problems except the minimize thing once.

Also the post-release nvidia drivers work just fine here but i couldn’t install the recommended drivers.
Didn’t have any problems with these drivers so i don’t care.
About the minimize thing tend to not minimize windows very often but just have them overlapping or use different virtual desktops for different tasks/programms.

I guess i just luckily shipped around all these problems :slight_smile:

Why You should stick with Natty Narwhal:

Step 1- 2:50 P.M. Thursday: Find a popup that says “Your Ubuntu is out of date! Update to Oneric Ocelot 11.10!”

Step 2- 3:00 P.M: Switch to your admin account and begin the upgrade.

Step 3- 3:40 P.M.: Wait for an hour as Ubuntu prepares to upgrade.

Step 4- 3:55 P.M.:
Suffer from bad memories of over-prepared Windows.

Step 5- 4:00P.M.: Finally start downloading the required packages…at about 40kbps. And I have a fast internet connection.

Step 6- 4:15 P.M.: Wait for 1,117 files to be downloaded at agonizingly slow rates.

Step 7- 4:15 P.M.: After a few minutes, pop open Mozilla and start browsing, though you never use your Admin account, and don’t have your bookmarks.

Step 8- 5:00 P.M.: Check on your download. 2%. Hmmm.

Step 9- 5:00 P.M.: Go to vimeo and watch some videos.

Step 10- 5:40 P.M: Check. 5%. At least you’re making some progress.

Step 11- 6:00 P.M.: Leave the update running, and have some dinner. Watch a little TV, and almost forget about your download.

Step 12- 10:20 P.M.: Check on your upgrade. 68%.

Step 13- 10:25 P.M.: Fiddle around with Mozilla’s icons. Create an awesome Limited-Aero theme for Ubuntu while you are waiting.

Step 14- 10:50 P.M.: Remember that you have go to bed.

Step 15- 11:00 P.M.: Fight a war against your Eco-principles, and leave the upgrade running overnight.

Step 16- 11:05 P.M.: Get ready to go to bed.

Step 17- 11:10 P.M.:
One last check- 82%.

Step 18- 11:15 P.M.:
Go to sleep. Have punctuated dreams about being chased by flying Ubuntu logos and glossy aero buttons while carrying your pet firefox.

Step 19- 7:20 A.M. Friday: Wake up. Check your upgrade. Staring at you is a “…Do you want to Continue” dialog? At least the actual installation is at 42%.

Step 20- 8:00 A.M.: Finally finish the upgrade. However, your computer is frozen, and you don’t have time to reboot.

Step 21- 8:10 A.M.: Go to school. Try and forget about Ubuntu.

Step 22- 2:30 P.M.: Get home. Yay! Ubuntu boots and starts! But bleuch! Look at those icons!

Step 23- 2:40 P.M.: Scratch your head trying to figure out why “Appearance” has been given the “Windows 7 Dumb-down” treatment, and how to use the oxygen icon theme.

Step 24- 3:00 P.M.: Find a nice tutorial through Google. Use D-conf to change the icon theme to oxygen. Yay?

Step 25- 3:05 P.M.: Open up your file browser. Bleuch! What have they done to the oxygen icon theme???

Step 26- 3:20 P.M.: Download a legacy oxygen icon pack, and try to replace the one in you usr>share>icons directory.

Step 27- 3:50 P.M.: Learn the concept of root users. Replace the icons.

Step 28- 3:55 P.M.:
Realize that half the icons are missing! Where do I get the new icons back?

Step 29- 4:00 P.M.: Try and ignore that, and turn your attention to buttons. For some reason your aero button theme you made the day before isn’t working.

Step 30- 4:20 P.M.: The small annoyances keep adding up. For some reason the sidebar isn’t working.

Step 31- 4:30 P.M.: Blame Gnome. Troubleshoot solutions on Google.

Step 32- 4:40 P.M.: Revert to Gnome 2.0, thinking that that will solve all your problems.

Step 33- 4:50 P.M.: Reboot.

Step 34- 4:50 P.M.: See a black command line window that’s stuck at “Checking Battery”, and refuses to boot or respond.

Step 35- 4:55 P.M.: Continue rebooting over and over.

Step 36- 5:05 P.M.: Scour Google for solutions to no avail with your Windows laptop.

Step 37- 5:20 P.M.: Post a question on Ubuntuforums.org.

Step 38- 5:35 P.M.: Recieve the dreaded “Reinstall Ubuntu” response.

Step 39- 5:35 P.M.: Go to ubuntu.com, and accidentally download 10.04 instead of 11.04.

Step 40- 6:00 P.M.: Finish downloading the correct version, and hope that you will be able to recover your lost files.

Step 41- 6:30 P.M.: Make a bootable USB drive to do a fresh install of 11.04. Back up your home folder.

Step 42- 6:45 P.M.: Start the install, and leave it for a while.

Step 43- 6:55 P.M.: Return, and see this message: “We are sorry, but the installer has crashed. Please file a report at ubiquity…”

Step 44- 7:00 P.M.: Try again. “[line 10 code error] You you want to continue? Doing so may result in a broken or damaged installation.”

Step 45- 7:10 P.M.: Try again, with a complete reinstall, replacing the old OS instead of upgrading.

Step 46- 7:30 P.M.: Home folder overwritten. Good thing you backed it up.

Step 47- 9:00 A.M. Saturday: Spend the entire day reinstalling software, themes, and build packages for Blender.

Needless to say, I had a very unpleasant upgrade experience.

Been back in Windows since narwhal, have they fixed all the memory leaks in this release?

I haven’t run into any.

An online upgrade is not good idea if you don’t have a backup copy done of your files before. I use Acronis in Windows for the backups. (Just now in my computer I have Windows7, Ubuntu 11.04, Ubuntu 11.10, each one in its own hard disk (I don’t like things like Wubi or things like two OSes in one hard disk. I like each one completely separated in its own hard disk, but for that you must pay attention in the window where you choose the partition “” and the swap partition that you must choose also the disk as boot, it is done in a selector below in that window, people miss that and what happens is the Grub goes to another disk making a mess with the other OS you had there.

To install I download first the ISO image but don’t burn a CD; instead I put it to an USB using the “Startup Disk Creator”, that way you can boot using the USB like if it were a CD (if your BIOS let you do it, I hold F11 at startup and a window showing all the hard disks, CD/DVD and USB shows and I choose boot in whatever I want) and the installation is very fast, 12 minutes I think. But then begins the tweaking. First thing to install is synaptic, second g++ and cmake… I write every thing I tweak in a txt file that way I do all the tweaks in record time. For 11.10 I open the txt file I used to 11.04 and add new things and delete tweaks that are not working now in 11.10.

A good thing in 11.10 is Flash 11 that appears in ubuntu software center if you enable “canonical partners” in sofware sources.

Gimp is 2.61 in Ubuntu Software Center, but you can install gimp 2.7.4 if you do this:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:matthaeus123/mrw-gimp-svn
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gimp

I will never “upgrade” an OS ever again, it always leaves your system half-assed, in a weird bizarro state between 2 or more versions. Best to back up important stuff and do a clean install (also nice to have multiple partitions/hard drives for experimenting first), plus you always end up doing some spring cleaning on your machine :wink:

Previously a minimized QtCreator would not show using Alt+Tab nor maximize clicking again on the launcher icon so you minimized QtCreator and you was unable to go back to it later. But now I can’t reproduce the problem in my second installation. Perhaps it was related to nautilus-open-terminal (a program to launch a terminal in a folder) but it is creating many problems now so we can’t use that anymore.
I don’t have any problem now with QtCreator, it minimizes and maximizes without problem.

My only issue at the moment is looking for a quick way of launching a terminal in a folder now that we can’t use nautilus-open-terminal. At the moment I am opening a terminal and write:
then in nautilus Ctrl + L and I select the location and drag to the terminal and it adds to the cd command and then I press Enter and voilá. Not bad but something like nautilus-open-terminal would be much better.

Since Dapper Drake - which was 6.06 - I had to reinstall from scratch only once.

I have some other distros that I play with, but generally I use ubuntu (although, I don’t run a full fledged desktop environment - I use wmii - and therefore avoid a lot of this “Unity” silliness).

Actually, I’m seriously considering a switch to Arch linux - It’s a “rolling release”, so there are no “big updates”; you get the changes as they become available. Also, their package manager seems to carry some fairly advanced features, but for most people, that probably doesn’t matter as much.

Goran- funny how Ubuntu is the marijuana of Linux- it’s a gateway distro! I have considered moving on to more linux-y distros myself recently, after Campbo’s endorsement of Arch I gave it a good look as well

He, he. Yea.

My first distro was Debian, but I switched to Ubuntu almost immediately, since it was becoming something of a “defacto” Linux distribution; I figured that this is where the best support would be, and in a way, that was true.

I was aware of Arch for some time, but it was actually a presentation at the local LUG that made me take a closer look. Along with the interesting features I already mentioned, it also seems to be very … clean. Yea, clean is the right word, I think; the configuration files seem so very simple, and the general documentation is extremely detailed.

My plan: Slowly switch to Arch, and run Xmonad as my window manager (I lust for Haskell power). :smiley:

unity isn’t so bad… just some broken things… be interesting to see how it evolves…
May well switch to Arch at some point, but you still have to choose a window manager, it seems gnome3 has as many issues as unity…

That aside, using unity can anyone help with the following?

in unity 2d the launcher doesn’t seem to have icons for drives or home folder for example…

in unity 3d folders are getting the same icon as files.

Nautilus: how do you change a folder from icon view to list view (and vice versa)?
I can set the default in preferences, but not on a per folder way anymore…

Nautilus: how do I type in a location?

Try the Unity 2D Tweak App to show volumes on Desktop. http://ubuntuone.com/0eyiDuvaOmAi25OlN3wcTX

Thanks will give that a go.
to clarify, I meant that buttons show up for drives, home folder etc in the unity launcher, but they are blank with no icons…