Ubuntu 20.04 amd gpu using opencl in Blender?

I updated to ubuntu 20.04 but there is no gpupro driver with opencl from amd yet. Is there another way to use opencl in Blender under ubuntu 20.4?

In a forum I found instructions from an Arch Linux user on how to install opencl for an amd gpu on a non-officially supported Linux distribution:
downloads AMD’s Pro driver package, then extracts the files and copies just the OpenCL part of it and packages. Here’s the file listing, it’s not a lot of files:

With Ubuntu 20.04, Blender works perfectly with cycles and Luxcore.

I’ve been having this problem as well.

AMD has updated their pro drivers for 20.04, but still Blender doesn’t recognise my graphics card.

Have you install the opencl driver? Because it’s not preinstalled in default settings