Ubuntu 6.1 (Edgy) released



You mean 6.10… otherwise it would’ve been around for 9 months already :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t even got Dapper working yet… grrr… I love linux but it also has a tremendous capacity to make me angry!

thanks! I had some issue with dapper, hopefully this edgy version would be better.

edgy released? What a pleasant surprise. :smiley:


Now we can start to wait for Feisty Fawn (7.04).

Just installed Kubuntu Edgy, it s looking sweet. :slight_smile:

Well, I guess this will be my first linux upgrade.

I just started with dapper, so this will be a new experience. I hear Edgy is supposed to support AIXGL (not that I have a GPU which can handle it, but still)

BTW, will I have to do a complete reinstall, or will I be able to upgrade from dapper with all my files intact?

If you go into Synaptic and go to the repository and replace where it says: dapper or dapper-updates or dapper-security or the sort. And replace the dapper with edgy so it woul be like: edgy or edgy-updates or edgy-security.

Once you done that update the repository and then click on Full Upgrade. And it should start downloading all the new files. Although this way has been known to cause problems.

So I suggest for those who dont want to risk anything just burn the iso image and re-install Ubuntu that way. If you have the 3 partitions: / , /home , & swap, if you just format the / and reinstall the O/S to there you should have no problems and all your home files should be safe.

That’s what I’ve been holding out for. I can’t see anything on the features page about that though. Is this yet another release without the up and coming 3D interface?

I installed Edgy yesterday, works like a charm. :slight_smile: I even managed to install ATI OpenGL drivers with only one try! That’s historical for me. Next up is Wine and Doom 3. :stuck_out_tongue:

Next up is Wine and Doom 3.

You do now there is a native Doom3 for Linux right?

Heh… Let’s make up Ubuntu release names.

Naughty Knickers
Plastic Penguin
Bloody Beagle

Okay! Let’s see:

Rancid Roadkill
Smelly Skunk

its ok… Not wonderful on my under powered 64 bit AMD laptop. Blender runs slower than on windows and having a hard time getting things to work with 64bit. Plus I have a ati graphics joke 128megs taken from ram.
Works alot better in windows using the nvidia tweak.

I just upgraded both of my computers. I did the “manual” upgrade with apt-get, and both computers screwed up Xorg, so I had to do a “dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg” on both to get them going again. Aside from that, this upgrade is great.

Nods yeah, same here.

This may interest my father more than me, if he hasn’t heard of it yet. Currently he’s got Ubuntu… 3.4 or something (that’s what "cat /proc/version gives) I’ve got Fedora 5. And, yes, my father has access more resent releases.

Hopefully this makes sense, but it if doens’t I’ve got a decent excuse.

That’s probably GCC 3.4 (the current is 4.1.) Ubuntu’s release numbers are just dates, and there was no Ubuntu until 2004.

6.10 = 6.1… or 6.1000000 if you’d like…

The previous one is 6.01. The difference is quite huge.

6.10 = 6.1… or 6.1000000 if you’d like…The previous one is 6.01. The difference is quite huge.
actually the previous version was 6.06 dapper:)

but whats a few decimals, enjoy the new release