Ubuntu 8.10

Well I am so enthusiastic about this new release that I have to share a little. I was so much satisfied with Ubuntu already 2 years ago when I switched from win - no annoying viruses/antiviruses, no popups, great installing of apps, everything ready to work, compiling of own blender easy as eating a cake, lots of free games to enjoy and many other advantages.
With this new ubuntu, I am even happier, the new wine supports much more of windows apps, and file managment got so much better with tabs and easy un/mounting. No need to install drivers for my Wacom, ati drivers working nicer than before, many new usefull tools, gimp 2.6 with synced windows,… Forgive me this little advert, I’m just so happy with it that I had to write it!

Well if somebody thinks still Linux is not enough for proffesional artists, I invite you to try out… Of course this is also not so much for experienced users of Linux who use other distros for their reasons…

I was afraid to upgrade because it was so much trouble to get my Wacom Bamboo working for 8.04, but it sounds like they’ve solved those issues. Maybe I’ll download it this week!

I wasted most of my weekend on this nonsense.

The bamboo is still really hard to get working. With dual monitors I cannot specify which the tablet will use either.I still had to patch the kernel to get mine even working.

If you have a creative X-fi sound card you are skrooed too. They make you go through an entire CLI terminal ordeal just to get it working. and it still wont work for Flash , plus a lot of clicking sounds when the CPU is under a load.If you enjoy listening to music while paying games you are scrooed too! they made it so only one application can access the sound card at one time.

People with dual videocards will not like it either, they have it so that it is either in SLI mode or single card mode. You cannot use your second card to run other monitors like in windows. So if you have 4 displays, and you are switching to ubuntu, it is time to sell 2 of them.

People with microsoft mice will have a fun time too. only 2 buttons plus mouse wheel for you. I did not expect much support for a microsoft product, but not allowing the mouse to use the generic 5 button drivers by default is really crummy of the developers. Sure M$ is the big bad company, but making them look bad by installing improper drivers by default is downright childish.

People with HDTV’s pluged into your videocard Via HDMI are going to have a fun time too. It will force you into either 800x600, 1280x1024, or 1680x1040, you will not be able to use your TV in the 1080p mode.

People with Logitech Dual action joysticks, get only single action, because the second joystick stays dead. Even under SDL games.plus as an added bonus only 6 of the buttons will work.

If you have a 64bit processor make sure you visit the forums too see what is and is not working before you waste your time. The 64bit version of Ubuntu has only about 70% of what the 32 bit version has. The stuff it does have is still quite buggy too.
They tell 64bit owners to simply use the 32bit version of ubuntu. Which is like telling someone who owns a ferrari diablo, that they should just ride their bicycle to work. You still get to work, it is still functional, what seems to be the problem , Duhh?
You might be thinking, “Well I will just install and use the 32bit version of software that does not work.” Wrong again… you pretty much have to download the 32bit version of Ubuntu to get all the 32 bit libraries. Then you get to enter the wonderful world of chmod-ing and chroot-ing before you can even load an application. With 64 bit windows you can use 32 and 64bit stuff right out of the box!

Do you like compiz fusion? think it will look really cool on your dual monitor setup? well think again, compiz dose not work in dual monitor mode, and under SLI it crashes every 10 to 15 minutes. Okay so you only have one monitor and one graphics card , compiz is still cool right? Well only if you do not use things like : blender , wings 3d, make human, Truespace, Maya, 3DS max, Lightwave, XSI, and about any other application that uses open GL, they will work for a few minutes, and then do cool things like restarting X, and the entire system locking up, blender crashing randomly.

Want to install linux because of all the free top quality multimedia application’s. well it is cool if you live where there are not copy rite and trademark laws. I live in USA and for me to get WMA movies, and to burn and listen to MP3’s I would have to download and use codecs that are not exactly legal for a professional studio to use.

Most of the above problems are from he hardware mfg guys not playing well with linux. And just dealing with half baked developmental software. My friend did a bunch of homework and built a linux system from the ground up. It is really nice when your OS supports your hardware.

Wish I could turn back time, I could have done some really fun work on my game this weekend.

you dontt say ! Ya its out O-right!
Im a windows user (<i>Just what can I say</i>!) and I want to move over to Ubuntu the last year, the one I like was ubuntu studio but I just can not just come and stop just like that with windows if you know what i mean. there was this cool thing that you can Boot from USB flash key drive! (I have 32 GB key) but didn't have time to go for it, but with this new <i>release</i> and the news I read here and other forums that it fix most of the OS users needs, Im installing it this week too :RocknRoll: !

I use fedora and one of the reasons is because it has both the 32 and 64 bits libs.
I think so other distros also work like that.

About the compiz… That is not usable with opengl or java swing. If you want a nice desktop, use KDE 4.1.x

Never heard of it

… yes it does. I have proof

you could’ve provided a link to the what’s new page
because i tried to look for something that they have developed, but it seems all they talk about was developments in the PROGRAMS rather than the OS…

that being said, i would upgrade just for better hardware support

Does anybody know if the udevd bug got fixed?

I’d install 8.10 and see for myself, but I want to do some re-partitioning and make it a clean install, so I’m gonna wait until I have a large block of time, just in case.

I just let it update through the night, and when I went to the computer after breakfast, I found I had to redo my xorg.conf so that my graphire would work right again. That’s pretty much it, but my setup isn’t as complex.

People with microsoft mice will have a fun time too. only 2 buttons plus mouse wheel for you. I did not expect much support for a microsoft product, but not allowing the mouse to use the generic 5 button drivers by default is really crummy of the developers. Sure M$ is the big bad company, but making them look bad by installing improper drivers by default is downright childish.

My 5 button Microsoft mouse works fine… the side buttons are Forward/Back buttons in Firefox.

Unix or any programming is just not for Right-minded people unless they have the time or the money to make the time to learn it…and I’m told it’s very frustrating to use any Linux based operating system without first knowing Unix or any other programming language. However, even Pixar made it’s own operating system based on unix, so I’m convinced that it’s a good tool to grasp hold of and learn how to use…

Tis a very sexy OS.

I unleashed it on a collegue of mine (pretty intelligent, but not a computer person by choice).

He has managed to get most things set up… all by himself, including getting a dial-up win-modem working (sounds like a massive nightmare). If he can use it, even if it is pretty frustrating to get right, then in reality its not too far away from Windows. Its just a different set of frustrating situations you need to deal with, and a different way of problem solving.

p.s. Compiz is freaking awesome with 8.10

Arse. An end-user no more need to know programming when using a Linux desktop than they do when using a Windows one.

Agreed. I’ve only had one very minor glitch so far with page flipping when alt-tabbing over an OpenGL window, otherwise flawless (so far).

Ubuntu you don’t even need to know UNIX. I don’t.
Minus a few common commands like,
Sudo apt-get _________
svn checkout ______

Heck, even that is unnecessary with Synaptic… Just enter your password, search for what you want, mark for installation, and click apply! No command line needed.

I just switched to 64 bit Ubuntu last week ( been using Macs since 8.6) and I like it a lot, although I still haven’t tried to get the ole graphire working yet. It is definitely a pleasure to use Blender on my new rig!

Personally I prefer Arch, as its easier to customise. I used ubuntu for around a year before, it is easy to use, but don’t discard the CLI strait away, its much batter for serten tasks(and mouse-free computing :slight_smile: )

3 things:

  1. unix isn’t a programming language.
  2. AFAIK, pixar use linux (RHEL) and osx.
  3. you absolutely do not need programming experience to use linux

Oracle: thanks for the realistic review. I think it is important to exercise caution when grabbing the latest update. Given I have a system that is working just the way I want it (based on Ubuntu Studio 8.04) I think I’ll hold out until they iron out some of the bugs. I might even just stick to the LTS releases.

Heck, Blender doesn’t work right is verrry buggy in Ubuntu 8.10! :frowning:

“I was told” is not an argument.
And Linux is not Unix.