Ubuntu and wireless

Im just wondering if anybody would be willing to help me out or at least point me in right direction where I can get some help. I have set up a wireless and across a room from it there is desktop computer running Ubuntu. It keeps disconnecting from wireless and when I go to reconnect it asks for security password. Upstairs I have another desktop running Windows 7 and after initial set up that computer hasnt had any problems.It connects to that wireless everytime and signal is smoking hot so I know its not the problem with wireless adapter.

So any ideas?

What wireless adapter/card do you have? Some are known to do that often (my Belkin 54G did that alot). Also, make sure under Connection information, the network is set to automatically connect

Ok, Cheers. Ill look into that.

and if you’re using a netgear router it wont work all that well with ubuntu… I had that problem with mine… I had to like install the drivers every time I turned on the computer… it was sucky

Its a motorola wireless. I cant figure out what the wireless card is in the computer. While I was trying to figure out this and access the web the same time it reconnected to wireless modem like 20 times and asked me for my wireless password 10 times. Stupid thing. No wonder its free.

Thank you for your help but I have decided not to monkey with it anymore. Windows 7 will go on that computer as soon as possible.

Good idea! I think windows 7 is the best thing since sliced bread :yes:

haha yeah, I have been using it upstairs and it connects to that same wireless without a problem and it stays connected.

Hello friends,
I used the laptop in this Ubuntu tutorial is a Lenovo T60p. I will show you how to setup several network cards for wireless use on Ubuntu. The cards are a Cisco Aironet 350 series, a D-Link AirPlus XtremeG (DWL-G650) both which should work right out ot the box. We will also look at several other harder to use wireless cards. First, here are a few tips that will save you some frustration time as there are a few minor issues with the Ubuntu wireless setup.

I think windows 7 is the best thing since sliced bread

It’s better than Vista, but that’s about it.

Other than its resource use, I daresay its better than XP.

Those are just your opinions. From my experience (Using Ubuntu for a year and Windows 7 ever since beta came out) there is really no competition to Windows 7.

Now please let this thread die. Thank you.