ubuntu blender 2.48a won't start

i downloaded both linux x64 files (python 2.4 and python 2.5) from the blender.org however when i click the binary files (after extracting them) nothing happens.

so then i tried dragging the binary file to a terminal - and i get the message “cannot execute binary file”

i am using intrepid amd64 (ubuntustudio)

i do have blender 2.46 installed from synaptic and it works fine


Open the console and go to the directory where 2.48 is extracted. There, type ./blender. The ./ indicates Linux to execute the file from the current directory, and not the blender that you insatlled via synaptic.

The console will tell what libraries you are missing, it must be something related to missing libraries.

wow that was a fast reply! its good to be back using blender - nothing like this community.

okay, back to business…i did as you said and got the same error message. nothing about dependancies.

here is what the says:

bash ./blender: cannot execute binary file

i tried it with sudo, and the response i got was:

./blender: 1: Syntax error: "&" unexpected

Wow…that is reaaaaally weird. Hehe, are you sure you downloaded the linux builds?? hehe, sorry, but it is really strange.

Try downloading some of the Graphicall.org builds and see if they work…

I don´t know, I use hardy 64, and I downloaded 2.48 yesterday for one of my computers and it worked perfectly.

All I can think of is a bad download, have you tested the archive, does it give you any error message?

Really strange…

yup its the linux build:


the only 64 bit build i saw on graphicall was for 2.48, i downloaded it and same thing “cannot execute binary file”

man, are you sure you’ve installed the 56 bits version of ubuntu?

Why don’t you try downloading blender’s Linux 32 bits builds and see what happens…

This is really odd.

yup its 64 - that would be embarassing…

i hate to do this, but i gotta keep movin. im gonna aptoncd my packages and reinstall.

im using wubi, and i want to do regular partition based install anyway…

thanks so much for your help! and blenrig rocks!!

sudo chmod a+x blender ?

chmod came up blank. im about to reboot and reinstall now… it seems no one else has had this problem, i did do an upgrade from intrepid beta and had tons of packages installed and reinstalled.

i must have made a mess of things along the way.

by they im running intrepid on a hp tx2000 tablet pc - the tablet works amazingly well - setup in 5 min. gotta love linux!

okay, im about to install the ubuntustudio 8.10 amd64 dvd.

I install new ubuntu 8.10 x32
I want to use yaf(a)ray 0.1.0
When I download it and try to install I’m getting error, because I haven’t new blender 2.48a
I download it from blender.org and put into /home/me/3D folder, but yaf(a)ray installer don’t know about it. Installer see only 2.46 blender instaled with synaptic.
How to tell yaf(a)ray installer that I have new 2.48a blender? Or where I can download *.deb build of blender2.48a_x32 build for new ubuntu 8.10 x32?

You can get 2.48 from getdeb.net

Would it be as simple as copying the Yaf(a)ray scripts to the 2.48a scripts folder?
Or change the scripts file path in User Preferences to point to the scripts folder for the 2.46 install.

EDIT - Sorry Yaroslav, my mistake, getdeb.net doesn’t yet have 2.46 for Ibex, but try the scripts folder file path fix.

I’ve got exactly the same problem - I’m running a Athlon 64 3800+ with Ubuntu Hardy Heron, got 2.46 working fine. downloaded 2.48, 64-bit build ./blender gives me the same error as the other guy - “cannot execute binary file”. No other errors.

Any solutions yet?