Ubuntu Blender 2.62-1, Where's Cycles?

Hi guys,

Been at Blender for a few years on windows, but just decided to install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on my Laptop and Netbook b4 I stick it on my Desktop PC.

I installed Blender 2.62-1 from the Ubuntu Software Manager, all installed fine and working as far as I can tell, but where’s Cycles? Not listed in the addons at all!

Obvously something missing, but what? :frowning: Help!!

Nvidia? Have you installed the proprietary nvidia kernel module? It comes with the necessary CUDA driver.

Else, it should just be there, even enabled per default in the addons.
You have to set the computing device in the user preferences since… well some versions ago.

My laptop doesn’t have an Nvidia card, I’m not expecting CUDA, just CPU like I did with Windows on it. I get the feeling the script/addon is missing. I installed it on my Netbook too, no look there, worked fine in windows prior.

Just check in your user preferences in the addons tab if the Cycles addon is there (under render or use search) and if so, if it is activated.

No it’s not present in the Preferences addons, it would appear that the addon doesn’t come with it from the repo - odd, well at least I would think so after being so used to it there in windows. I don’t want to go through the hassle of building Blender in ubuntu all the time I want to test out a new version. I downloaded a graphicall version yesterday, have to test that out yet - see how that goes.

This switch looking less and less lickely as I can’t find a straight forward Video editor, Tried Pitivi, OpenShot and Kdlive, none of them have the straight forward basics I’d expect sadly - and not very intuitive either, shame.

But you can dl the Linux version from the BF page and install to desktop, run it from there. I had a machine at my old job that had ubuntu on it and ran a few versions of blender that way.

Thanks Craig, Yep you were right, the version off Blender.org worked. But I’m back with windows, just can’t get some software for certain projects - maybe when some Linux software matures then I’ll see about switching then. I think we get spoilt with Blender and its development, things move a lot faster than other Open Source software.

Gimp devs have been promissing full window without floating panes for over 2 years and it’s still not here :frowning: With Video editing I can’t believe things haven’t improved that much in the last few years since I originally tried Linux.

Anyhu, I’m in no rush, got win7 and all the software I need for now I guess.

I don’t really get the full window bias, but then again I use gimp mostly in linux where it acts a bit less annoying- on the windows box at work there are some issues with minimization/window management (although with linux and the awesome workspace switching this is a non-issue anyway).

http://www.infoocean.info/avatar3.jpgI installed it on my Netbook too, no look there, worked fine in windows prior.