(Ubuntu) Blender 2.69 version is installed, but you use Blender 2.71, tip

As you know Ubuntu’s (and Ubuntu Studio) 14.04 package of Blender is 2.69, and you perhaps using 2.71, and you have it in your Home directory. When you using background ( terminal whiteout GUI) rendering you start Blender 2.69, and this is perhaps not what you want.

(or you have a PPA Blender 2,71 installation , but you get errors when you render from terminal, or don’t trust it)

Blender 2.69 (or your PPA 2,71 installation) start file is in /usr/lib/blender/

To do this you must be root…
I renamed the blender file to ‘blenderzzzzzzzzzz’ in the ‘/usr/lib/blender/’ directory.
I made a link from my Blender 2.71 blender start file to /usr/lib/blender/.

Renamed the ‘/usr/lib/blender/’ “link to blender” file to ‘blender’

And all is honky dory.