Ubuntu + Blender on a stick

Just installed Ubuntu portable on a bootable USB flash drive that also has Blender 2.64 Linux.

When I boot to Ubuntu, I don’t see the Blender folder (?)

Just testing to see if Ubuntu/Blender Cycles GPU will be faster than Win7. May have to
install side-by-side with Win7 to get fastest render (?)

Maybe best to add a small HD for Ubuntu/Blender(?)

Any suggestions welcome. :slight_smile:

i am preaty sure that you have to install it to get the full speed potential. Side by side installation is fine, i am also working this way, but dont try to use the option “install ubuntu in windows”, this solution will get u much worse render time than windows itself. hope it helped

Hi bonqqq,

If I do the “side-by-side”, does Blender show up in Ubuntu? I don’t see Blender when in Ubuntu, at least when
using the USB.

by side by side i mean u have to install ubuntu and u can do it having windows by side. i guess u are booting ubuntu from stick and runing it live without installations. even if u ran blender this way it performance will be poor.

Thanks…will try Blenderbuntu instead, side-by-side with Win7 or on a separate HD (SSD).