Ubuntu Force Quitting?

I’ve froze Ubuntu running a WinInstaller on Wine, and I need to unfreeze! Shortcutkeys for force quit? In Ubuntu…

I’ve added a force quit icon to one of my toolbars.
Rightclick the toolbar and choose “add to panel”
then drag the force quit icon from the window to the toolbar.
I don’t think there is a shortcut. I dont know it anyway :slight_smile:

You can “kill” a process from the System Monitor or from a Terminal, and if everything is taken over, you can press Control Alt Backspace to restart the X Server (don’t do this unless its absolutely necessary).

In terminal you might have an app called top. Or you can check out kill/killall and use the process id. (man kill, man killall)

from a terminal you can also type “xkill” and then the next xwindow that you click on will have its processes killed…