ubuntu free stuff

got a free ubuntu cd shiped lately , now , is there a way to have an ubuntu t-shirt or hat , mouspad or anything ubuntu-ed for free ?


Ahn… can you get free blender t-shirts or hats?
Those things cost money, don’t they?

The same thing is valid for free linux distributions.

was mailed free CD of ubuntu , for free …

so why not hats and t-shirts ?

They give the CDs away for free because they’re encouraging you to try free software. They sell the shirts because shirts are not free software, and because that’s one of the ways they make money.

However, here is how to get a free Ubuntu shirt. Take a shirt you already own, and a can of paint or permanent marker. Write “Ubuntu” on the shirt. Wear it!

Probably for the same reason they just send you a CD and not a computer that has Ubuntu pre-installed.

They should require people like you to buy a shirt before shipping the cd!


Fligh , you are back ? welcome !!!

I spoke at the Atlanta Linux Fest and got a free T-shirt.

Brilliant! Genius!
You should write a book … that is the best advise I have ever seen on here and made me laugh … still can’t stop! LOL

Fligh’s back! Wow, and with a new avatar. What is that, by the way?

That is really such a useful information. I think people also get the know about this free stuff through this forum. And This is the best way to spread out the information.
Thank you.

envious :frowning:

naw, all’s good, hope they look as good in real life as they look on pictures… :smiley:

You will also get a few stickers.

i didn’t even speak at fudcon and got a free t-shirt :stuck_out_tongue:

Linux is only free if your time means nothing to you - Linus Torvalds

I sure am enjoying my Ubuntu 9.10, Suse 11.1 is getting pretty sexy too.

Welcome back Flight. You have been missed. You said you where going away for a long time. Are you here to stay now?

Thanks man, good to hear from you again too. I’m not really back, just get the opportunity now and then to pop in. I’m in Florida now and have wireless so I can view a lot of pages in brief visits. I do some obvious modding but don’t have the time to help out like I did before - and what with 2.5 I’ve been left in the dust a bit. Had a look at it but haven’t had the time to stick my nose in and give it a good sniff.