Ubuntu Game Engine crashing problem resolved in 7.10?

Debian/Ubuntu users,

While using Ubuntu 7.04 with Python 2.5, I regularly experienced Blender crashing after seven times running the Game Engine (after only two times with Python 2.4). It seems that this problem has disappeared after I upgraded to Ubuntu 7.10 with Python 2.5.1. Can anyone else confirm this?

(Technical note: I actually use Linux Mint 4.0, which is built on Ubuntu 7.10… I much prefer it over standard Ubuntu.)

I heard some other guy saying that too.

I’ll have to upgrade my distro and find out… cause that is really annoying… i hope it’s fixed :slight_smile:

It was the same with my Ubuntu too. Well, I am using Kubuntu, but it seems like it is the same.
Blender crashed after running the real time engine two times.
Since I am using 7.10 I haven’t any problem yet, altough it is also 2.44.

I had the crashing problem with 2.44 and 2.45 in Ubuntu 7.04, but it has disappeared in both.

One thing I did notice, though, is that Blender 2.45 (pre-compiled from blender.org) now crashes every time I have a Python attribute error. Good thing I’m still in the habit of saving before I run press “P” :wink: