Ubuntu + GeForce FX5500 != true ?

I want to start using linux instead of windows but it’s hard to do because I don’t find any drivers or programs for me graphic-card (GeForce FX5500). Is there any drivers at all for Ubuntu?

Please help me with this!

hmmm, dont the nvidia drivers support fx5500?

packages like nvidia-glx, nvidia-kernel-common and nvidia-settings are all in ubuntu repositories.


Yep open up synaptic package manager and search for nvidia then install the files needed.

You’ll also have to type in some command in the command line to activate them. (it should tell you what to use when you download the file).

Restart your computer. If you see a big nvidia logo before you get the login in screen then the drivers are working.

I am running Ubuntu and Kubuntu with an FX 5500 on one of my machines. Works great, always has :slight_smile:

There is excellent support for this card in Linux. Check Ubuntuforums.org, there are howtos there for this stuff, as well as apps you can download to do it for you, like Easy Breezy (see NVIDIA driver section):


even if you don’t use the nvidia driver. . . the xorg ‘nv’ driver should work just fine.

nv is undesirable for 3d work. What you need are the basic nvidia drivers (you can get the latest from their site) then edit your .initab (sp?) to boot to runlevel 3. As root, locate your drivers, chmoad a+x them, and ./nvidia* They should install fine. In your xorg.conf, disable the dri section (put '#'s in fron of all the lines, and change driver nv to nvidia. Start your xserver with startx and see if all went well, report back here with problems, or the ubuntu forums.

from my experience, the stock nvidia drivers from nvidia.com are the best out there, the custom packages made for specific distro’s usually have a lot of troubles involved in them, I ran a 5600 quite nicely, at least it played doom3 faster and better than windows with the stock nvidia driver. sure it involves command line stuff, but its easy. Nvidia also documents their driver quite well, so if you take the time to read it you can tweak your card even more, though the defaults are plenty good for blender.

oops . . . I forgot that this was a 3D forum. For regular usage, the nv driver should work fine. I find it is almost neccessary to have the nvidia driver to use blender productively.

I have never installed the stock nvidia driver though. I just used the package from my distro(PCLinuxOS 7667 driver)

I tried the distro specific package for FC4, and i had the biggest headache in the world getting it to work, the easiest way is nvidia’s installer, it works for everything, and its quite easy to do. Nvidia also updates their stuff faster…

I’ve never been able to get the nvidia package to compile. Kept choking on kernel-headers (to my knowledge I had everything I needed).

The most recent NVidia driver (1.0-8178) was released because the previous release (1.0-8174) is incompatible with the kernel module interface on some Linux distros. If one doesn’t work, use the other.