Ubuntu glitches???

My system seems to buffer when I play music on it. It feels like whole system just stops for split second. It does this every 5 or so seconds. It also has an effect on Blender. When im rotating 3d view every time music stops so does my 3d view. It seems to be system wide problem.

This is one of the reasons I rolled back from Jaunty to 8.10 and im still having this problem. Im dual booting with Windows 7 and my computer has no issues running that.

If any of you have any ideas please let me know what could be causing this.


3 GHz dual processor with 2gb of ram

ATI radeon x700

Not enough information…this could be caused by anything.

I followed one of your links before and your requests for help are very, umm…shall we say, vague.

Im just hoping someone had the same problem with same symptoms and got it resolved easily.

Anyway, what would you have to know to help me out?

just uninstall pulseaudio and stick with alsa…

/me hides before pulseaudio nazis gather around



Your soundcard would be more usefull info.

I experienced the same thing, but I did a clean reinstall of Ubuntu and did not enable ATI proprietary drivers and it seems to have helped. Hope you’ll find this useful.

Thanks for help everyone. It stopped doing this after I disabled wireless. I dont need wireless anyway so Ill keep it disabled.

I might start a whole new thread because I need help with other few things.