Ubuntu graphic problems.

Well, I purchase 4 Rage ATI pro for a used system, when I try to set a few screen saver some of them have lines that stretch from model to the left side of the screen. “The GL ants” and other GL savers as well, it doesn’t do them with all of them, however I’m wondering what the deal is since I do often have problems when it comes to graphics with debian linux system.

Help me out here.

Maybe you have optimized drivers. I tried to optimize the Blender build using the highest compiler speed optimization setting and when I rendered something, it drew lines from the models to the edges of the screen. By turning off the optimization, it rendered fine.

I eventually discovered that it was the gcc setting -FPIC -ffast-math. Once I removed those settings, I was able to put optimization up to maximum and it was OK.

In short, try different drivers or compile them yourself using different/no optimization settings.

Have you tried running the native ATI OpenGL?

Thanks, I try once I figure out how to set up a modem :frowning: